• Prospects for the development and increasing of ice-breakers efficiency
  • New tankers for the Arctic
  • Work on the nuclear-powered ice-breaker starts in the Trainer center
  • The Arctic ice is tested in Saint-Petersburg
  • Russian ice-breakers: from "Pilot" till "Arctic"
  • Credits for Sudprom


  • Arctic sea route – first-rate international transport main waterway
  • How tariffs for vessels piloting on the ASR will change?
  • About problems of Russian shipping companies
  • Technical management: efficiency, quality and competitiveness of a shipping company
  • Shiping routes start on the shore
  • Legal control of trucking industry
  • Could you tell me how to get to the sea?
  • A particle of some other world

Ocean and shelf exploration

  • Development prospects for Arctic sea route (ASR)
  • Hydrometeorological maintenance of navigation on the Arctic sea route
  • Oil-and-gas production installations for Arctic seas shelf
  • Keys to the Arctic are in reliable hands
  • Defense technologies in search of oil

Technologies. Books. Exhibitions

  • LENEXPO – main marine exhibition complex
  • "Neva – 2003" is expecting guests from 50 countries
  • International marine and transport exhibitions

Admiral's mess

  • «Standard» — symbol ship of Saint-Petersburg

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