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  • New financial opportunities for new fleet
    VTB Bank JSC is sponsoring Neva International Exhibition and Conference on Shipbuilding, Navigation, Port Activity, and Ocean and Shelf Exploration. Common interests uniting VTB Bank and the marine industry are the topics of our dialogue with the Director of the First Corporate Client Services Department, VTB Bank JSC, <b>Mikhail Fedorenko</b>.


  • Shipbuilding in Russia. Possibilities and perspectives in meeting doimestic market’s demand for variousship types
    After period of stagnation in the 90s followed by the slow way out of crisis in 2000, this year Russian shipbuilding industry got a significant impulse for its development. Currently, on the threshold of the new and hopefully positive and active stage in the development of domestic shipbuilding, it seems appropriate to give an estimate of today’s potential in the industry to meet constantly growing demands of domestic shipowners, and to define financial and economic mechanisms and financial tools that would allow to develop and build up this potential. <b>V. Chugunov</b>, Director, shipbuilding projects, JSC Finance Leasing Company
  • «Maritime activities in Russia: key problems of development» all-russian scientific conference
  • Rolls-Royce develops its marine business in Russia
    Rolls-Royce, a world-leading provider of power systems and services for use on land, at sea and in the air, operates in four global markets - civil aerospace, defence aerospace, marine and energy. The company has achieved market-leading leading positions on the new generation of wide-bodied airliners and also has a strong position in supplying engines for military helicopters.
  • New ABB Turbocharging service station in Russia
    ABB Turbocharging is the world’s premier supplier of turbochargers for diesel and gas engines in the 500 kW plus power range. Worldwide, more than 175 000 ABB turbochargers are in operation, on ships, in power stations, on locomotives and in heavy-duty construction and mining vehicles.
  • DVK-Electro. Modern equipment for complex automation of onboard power stations
  • French National Pavilion at NEVA-2007 Exhibition
  • Innovation and cooperation are essential to the Dutch maritime equipment suppliers
    The Dutch have a long tradition in the production of innovative maritime solutions. As a seafaring nation we have always had many shipbuilding activities in our country, which brings the industry great international status. The Dutch dredging companies, for example, belong to the world leaders and the Dutch shipyards build the most complex ships. Also, the Netherlands have the largest inland shipping fleet of Europe, the offshore sector is flourishing and our navy has some of the most modern ships in the world. Last but not least, the Netherlands are building the most exclusive megayachts and Rotterdam is the largest harbour of Europe.
  • VDMA – marine and offshore equipment industries
    The MARINE AND OFFSHORE EQUIPMENT INDUSTRIES, founded in 1973 and based in Hamburg, is a special division of the non-profit organization German Engineering Federation (VDMA e. V.)
  • “Promelectronika” Science and Production Centre. Instrumentation for ships and vessels
    “Promelectronika” accomplishes development and production of modern navigation equipment since 1993.
  • The Navis Group of companies: we are 15!
    The Navis Group of Companies is well-known to the Russian shipbuilding market as a manufacturer of high-quality vessel automation systems and a supplier of steering gears and steering gear control systems. This year Navis celebrates its 15th anniversary.
  • Spanish Pavilion at NEVA-2007
  • “Rossudoservice” – 15 years of spotless service
    The Russian company JSC RosSudoService for the last fifteen years has been supplying equipment for vessels, ports, and industries, and the equipment used in small power engineering.
  • Polyflor floor covering for shipbuilding industry
  • Zelenodolsk Design Bureau is ready to contribute to National fleet
  • NPO AMT. Control systems and electric equipment for ships being built or modernized


  • FESCO Intermodal Container Group
    In September FESCO Transport Group is expected to complete acquisition of 50% stake in “M-Port Ltd.”, managing Commercial Sea Port of Vladivostok. The transaction will enable FESCO to own one of the most challenging port holdings in the Far East.<BR> Interview of our correspondent with <STRONG>Siman Povaryonkin</STRONG>, BOD Chairman of FESCO Transport Group.
  • Decree on two large tanker companies merging has been signed
    On 20 June 2007 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved establishing of a joint enterprise on the base of existing “Sovkomflot” and “Novoship” joint stock companies. On the same day the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin met Sovcomflot CEO Sergey Frank in the residence Novo-Ogarjevo (Moscow) and signed a Presidential decree transferring the Russian government’s equity stake in Novoship to Sovcomflot’s charter capital.
  • What reform maritime education needs


  • TRANSTEC 2008 and the 1st “Future of Russian Ports” International Conference
    The Organisers of the traditional TRANSTEC Exhibitions are pleased to announce the major international Programme for the TRANSTEC 2008 Exhibition and Conference.
  • Port complexes increase capacity
    The program to build ports on the Baltic Sea in the Leningrad Region is being implemented. The commissioning on June, 8th, 2007 of the multipurpose cargo handling complex in the port Ust-Luga became a further stage of the program.
  • “YugTrans-2007”: in the air of collaboration
    International Conference “YugTrans-2007: port industry, technologies and services” held this year in Istanbul on July 18-20 has finished. The goal of the conference - to promote reconstruction and modernization of transport infrastructure within the countries of the Black Sea coast attracting Russian and international investments and technologies from abroad – aroused deepest concernment among the representatives of government structures, largest ports and sea transport companies managers in Black Sea coast countries.

Ocean and shelf exploration

  • SOGAZ. Providing a steady rise
    Since the times of Peter the Great the Russian Navy and Fleet had always been the background of the country economical, political and military power. The decline in the economic activity of Russia in 1990-s led to a serious underrun of the ship-building industry and ageing of our fleet. The navy construction and modernization programs were frozen for a long period, which led to the decrease of the navy combat readiness and to a number of fatal accidents and wrecks. Today, when we have reached a steady or even rapid economic rise, it becomes clear that our further development is constrained by the level of the ship-building and the navy development.
  • JSC “NE”. Experienced in marine projects implementation
  • There are not only oil and gas in Arctic but also asters and palms
    In May-June of this year a group of Russian scientists on atomic ice-breaker “Russia” undertook a scientific expedition to the high arctic latitudes. The result was sensational: preliminary express-analysis allows to claim that the Russian continental shelf beyond the borders of 200-mile exclusive economical zone is directly connected to the continental borderland of Siberia. This means that economical zone of Russia can (if the obtained data will convince the UN Commission on the continental shelf borders) increase by no less than 1.2 mln. sq. km! Undiscovered potential resources on this territory are evaluated by scientists in 8-10 bln.tons of conventional fuel.
  • Russian polar research to ensure exploration of seasonallyand permanently frozen areas at sea
    Navigation in frozen water areas under jurisdiction of the Russian Federation is carried out under complicated natural climate conditions.
  • General-purpose anchor-carrying tug for Gazprom

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