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  • International Polar Year – national priorities of Russia
    In 2007/2008 the work of all states conducting research in Polar Regions of our planet will be carried out in the framework of International Polar Year (IPY). A.I. Bedritsky, the Head of the Federal Department of Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring, Co-Chairperson of the Steering Committee on the participation of Russian Federation in the preparation and conducting events in the framework of International Polar Year, was asked about the preparation of IPY national programme.


  • Complex supply of control systems and electric equipment
  • Guidelines for shipbuilding reform
  • Pella: from Neva to Caspian Sea and Sakhalin
    Leningrad shipyard «Pella» JSC has been located on the left bank of the Neva river for 50 years.“Pella” has been traditionally specializing in main three areas:- shipbuilding - modern azimuth driven tugs with the capacity of 1000 kW to 5000 kW;- machine building – technological equipment (bending machines for pipes of 22 mm to 450 mm, including machines with electronic control and various spraying machines) and automatic heat gantry plate-cutting machines for plate thicknesses from 4 mm up to 220 mm;- GRP production - variety of closed type free-fall and cable launching lifeboats with GRP hulls which are in accordance with SOLAS 74/83, there are GRP special constructions for Russian Navy ships, boats and motor boats and boats.
  • Navis news


  • Icebreaker “Admiral Makarov” returned to Vladivostok
    Open sea icebreaker “Admiral Makarov”, operated by Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO), returned from Baltic Sea to Vladivostok, its home port, having passed along the Sea North Route, after more than three years of autonomous work far away from the native shore.
  • Russian fleet needs competent mariner


  • Vysotsk terminal is put into operation at its full capacity
    LUKOIL put in operation Phase III of a transshipment and offloading complex (TOC) on the island of Vysotsk, Leningrad region, in the year of its 15th jubilee. The terminal’s designed annual capacity is 11.6 million tons of oil products. Investments in the terminal construction exceeded $500 million. The latest technique with complex automation and three-level flow control puts LUKOIL II in the range of the world‘s most advanced ports.
  • The First International Award “Oil Terminal 2006”
    Award Giving Ceremony of the first international Oil Terminal 2006 contest was held in Moscow on the 20th of October, 2006. This unique project has been designed to promote information exchange among representatives of port authorities and oil terminals and to facilitate the development of new export routes for oil exporters and traders.

Ocean and shelf exploration

  • Reliability as a system. Organisation of insurance in energy and transport industry
    Every organization should incorporate certain vitally important elements to ensure viability, safety of operation and successful development. Energy and transport are among those backbone elements of state economy.
  • Compressed natural gas sea shipment. Utopia or reality?
    CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) technology is a new breakthrough technology of compressed natural gas sea shipment in cylinders under pressure up to 25 MPa in special CNG vessels. Although nowadays CNG technology has been a common subject, there have been no examples of its practical application so far. What is the reason of such a situation? Andrey Alexandrovich Vlasov, CNG Offshore Project Manager of “Intari” Company, answers this and other important questions.

Technologies. Books. Exhibitions

  • Transtec-2006 – outcome of the exhibition and conference
  • SMM 2006 – outcome

Admiral's mess

  • Russian admiral Fyodor Golovin

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