• The government has to make a step toward supporting shipbuilders
    Interview with Michael Aivazov - Director of Shipbuilding, Marine and Oil-and-Gas Projects Group of companies (MNP); Member of the Boards of Directors at: Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard, Volgograd Shipbuilding Yard, Astrakhan 3rd International Shipyard, Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod Shipyard, Corall Central Design Bureau.
  • Ascold – to shipbuilders
    Ascold JSC - a diversified machine-building enterprise with a complete production cycle – have the record of a reliable manufacturer supplying only high-quality products to its partners, and is one of the leading players in its market segment.
  • Great ship for a great journey
  • The Joystick Autopilot Navis JP3000
    The Joystick Autopilot Navis JP3000 is intended to control the vessel heading in the Autopilot mode and the transverse and longitudinal motion and the rotation moment of the vessel in the Joystick mode by means of the 3-axis joystick. The system ensures adaptation to weather conditions, to the changing characteristics of the vessel controllability at a change in speed and in the load degree, thus enabling to maximally facilitate the navigator’s work when the ship is performing high-precision maneuvering or moving with a set heading.
  • VDMA – Marine and Offshore Equipment Industries
    The MARINE AND OFFSHORE EQUIPMENT INDUSTRIES, founded in 1973 and based in Hamburg, is a special division of the non-profit organization German Engineering Federation (VDMA e.V.)
  • Control systems and electric equipment for ships under construction and modernization


  • FESCO: New ships for new traffic
    Far East Shipping Company successfully implements its strategy of participation on the global transport market. The feature of its activities consists in a necessity to fight not only with its competitors but also with the legacy of hard times.
  • New initiatives of EU concerning sea safety
  • Working towards the safety of shipping
  • Risk factor in maritime education


  • Primorsk Port: designed capacity achieved
    Primorsk, a state-of-the art oil-loading port built on the Gulf of Finland, is successfully operating for almost five years. Having started with 12 mln tons of oil export per year the port was successively building up its capacities as the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS) was built. In April, this year, two events took place - a ceremony of the BPS startup at the designed capacity – 65 mln tons of oil per year and opening of the second mooring complex in the port for loading tanker ships.
  • Offshore compressed natural gas transportation. New possibilities for development of shelf natural gas fields
    The present article is the first one in a planned cycle, which is intended to familiarize the high readership of this magazine with a new offshore compressed natural gas (CNG) transportation technology, as well as to invite specialists to cooperation in development of the CNG technology in Russia.

Ocean and shelf exploration

  • The Northern Sea Route expects active maritime traffic
    The Northern Sea Route (NSR) opened by the Soviet Union in 1931 and successfully operating for already three quarters of a century, until recently has been a real Terra Incognita for the rest part of the world. However, in 1991 Russia showed its good will and approved “The rules of navigation on the Northern Sea Route lines” on the basis non-discriminatory for ships of all countries. These rules opened up the MSR for international navigation. Moreover, Russia published “The guide on through navigation along the Northern Sea Route” that was translated into English three years later, and then distributed almost all over the world.

Technologies. Books. Exhibitions

  • Neva-2007 – starting up
    The Organizing Committee and the Directorate started preparing for the 9th International exhibition of shipbuilding, navigation, port operations, and ocean and shelf development “NEVA-2007” that will be held in St. Petersburg on September 24 – 27, 2007.

Admiral's mess

  • The first Russian submarine

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