Topical Interview

  • Saint-Petersburg as the Marine Capital of Russia
    We talk to Saint-Petersburg Governor and the Chairman of Maritime Council at Municipal Government Mrs. <b>Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko</b> on how the port city lives and what problems the executive authority faces with.


  • From the First Contract to Longtime Relations
    Maritime Market has already reported (#1/11, 2005) about one of the new players on Russian shipbuilding business field, namely MNP - Onshore & Offshore Group (MNP Group) that was detached from OMZ Industrial Corporation in 2004. MNP Group is specialized in commercial shipbuilding and unites well-known Russian shipyards, Krasnoye Sormovo and Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod, Volgograd Shipyard, Astrakhan III Int. Shipyard. Another principal direction of MNP Group activity is designing technical facilities purposed for sea shelf development.
  • Shipbuilding in Dustry Needs a Surge
    Vneshtorgbank is the largest commercial bank in Russia in size of authorized capital stock, which constitutes 42.1 billion Rubles. The largest shareholder of Vneshtorgbank with the share of 99.9% is the Government of RF.
  • Baltyisky Zavod and Severnaya Verf: Holding Company Prospect Becomes Clearer
    Financial and industrial group IST sold its main shipbuilding asset. Now 88.2% of BALTIYSKY ZAVOD JSC shares belong to Joint Industrial Corporation (OPK), which is a MEZHPROMBANK subsidiary. Together with the fact that last year OPK purchased another major Petersburg shipyard – SEVERNAYA VERF JSC one might say that the outlines of future national shipbuilding holding company are becoming clearer.
  • «Maritime Vortal» - the Bridge Connecting Russia and Poland
  • Leaded by «Navis»
  • Higher Quality of Navigational Aids Ensure Safety Navigation
  • XFlow® Evolutionary Fire Fighting System
    Steady growth of large-scaled industrial averages and disasters makes development of fire fighting systems to be extremely important and relevant. One of leading players at this market is YORK Fire Fighting (Denmark) developed XFlow® evolutionary fire fighting system.
  • Equipment and Spare Parts Throughout the World
    The Russian company JSC RosSudoService for the last twelve years has been supplying equipment for vessels, ports, and industries, and the equipment used in small power engineering.
  • Control Systems and Electric Equipment for Ship Construction and Modernization


  • Prerequisites for leasing scheme implementation
    Recently, after the crisis suffered by domestic shipping companies and shipbuilding plants in the nineties and in the beginning of this decade, a certain revival on the shipping and shipbuilding markets began.
  • «Fesco Sakhalin» is Taking Over the Watch
    Recently the fleet of Far Eastern Shipping Company PLS (FESCO) has been reinforced with a unique FESCO Sakhalin icebreaking supply vessel intended for servicing the oil rig at Sakhalin shelf under the Sakhalin-1 project. For the first time in the history of Russia and FESCO, an icebreaking vessel was constructed involving both own and loaned funds of a private company.
  • History, Present and Perspectives for the Development of Navigation and Oceanography
    The first hydrographic activities in Russia, of which the information may be traced today, date back to 1624. However, regular hydrographic research began in the times of Peter I, when it became necessary to provide for safe seafaring of the emerging Navy.
  • Dynamic Positionin
    Dynamic positioning, just as the ordinary vessel motion, is provided by the vessel thrusters. The ability of the vessel to maneuver in any desired direction is the compulsory condition making dynamic positioning possible, which, in turn, impose requirements on the vessel’s propulsion system. Choosing the type of the propulsive system, its power and the number of thrusters is an important task solved by the shipbuilder when the vessel is being designed or modernized.
  • TRANSAS Group – Sophisticated Technologies of Modern Simulators


  • Ust-Luga Will Become a Special Economic Area
    Several years have passed since the beginning of construction of a new sea commercial port in the southern part of Luzhskaya Bay of the Gulf of Finland. By 2010 it should reach its full planned capacity of 35 million tons of cargo per year. Commercial sea port Ust-Luga is likely to become the most promising Russian port on the Baltic Sea and the most modern transport hub in the North-West of the country. The port is going to accommodate an industrial production area that will rank it with such biggest world ports as Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Shanghai and Singapore. For these very reasons Ust-Luga may get the status of a special economic area in the nearest future.
  • The Second Port Will Be Constructed in Luga Bay
    Leningrad region is placed at the cross-point of several international transport passages. That’s why during the last years transport infrastructure develops here especially actively and port facilities are constructed. The largest commercial seaport is being formed in the south of Luga Bay of Finnish Gulf. However, its north is not less attractive for investors. It is enough deep to be called by large-capacity sea vessels. Short ice period gives good opportunities for whole-year navigation. So, it is clear why many companies showed their interest in this territory and desired to emplace here their terminals and production facilities. The ways of developing this port area are being explained by vice-governor of Leningrad Region, DSc (economics) professor <b>Grigoriy Dvas</b>.
  • OilPort-2005 Conference Overview
  • Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute – a Guarantee of Reliable and Efficient Activity in Arctic Zone in the Twenty First Century
    Development and enhancement of efficiency of Russian research activities in Arctic is an important part of the state policy, aiming to provide a stable development of arctic regions. Arctic and Antarctic research institute belongs to the Federal hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring service (Rosgidromet) and is the only research institute in Russia to conduct an integrated study of Polar Regions of the Earth.

Ocean and shelf exploration

  • Prirazlomnoye Oil Field: the Start is Coming
    Prirazlomnoye oil field is the pilot project in developing Russian Arctic shelf. It was disclosed in 1989 by State Industrial Company Arktikmorneftegasrazvedka. So far, at the field four test/exploratory holes have been drilled; three of them were found with industrial oil-inflows.
  • NPO Burovaya Technika and Halliburton Elaborated Joint Project for Well Construction at Prirazlomnoye Oil Field
  • Medium Voltage Equipment to Be Installed on the «Prirazlomnaya» Drilling Platform
    A Petersburg-based Company Novaya ERA is the first and so far the only enterprise in Russia to develop and manufacture medium voltage electrical equipment (6 to 11kV) in its marine version. This equipment is in full compliance with requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. It will be installed for the first time on an ice-resistant stationary platform Prirazlomnaya in the Barents Sea. Apart from the installation of new equipment of its own make on the platform, Novaya ERA is also in charge of the technical assessment of the condition, reconstruction and modernization of the existing electrical equipment with worked-out lifetime, which is mounted on the «Huttone» rig, whose upper part is used for the construction of the Prirazlomnaya platform.

Admiral's mess

  • Let’s Strike up a Friendship Among Ports!
  • Celebration Moments
  • People and the Boats

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