Russia champions in twenty-foot equivalent

The delivery ceremony of the container vessel «FESCO BAYKAL», the largest one in the fleet of the Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO) took place at Aker Yards, Wismar (Germany) at the end of July. The second ship of the series – the container ship «FESCO BARGUZIN» entered the Far Eastern Shipping Company fleet as early as the middle of August. The delivery of the third ship «FESCO BRATSK» is scheduled for 14 September, 2006.

German twins

This event, which is important by itself, can be significant within the frames of the one company. But the fact is, that this series is going to be the largest and fastest container vessels in the Russian commercial fleet. The three thousand TEU container ships, owned by FESCO are a merited pride object for Russian transport system today, although they aren’t a novelty for the world shipping industry, which knows nine thousand TEU vessels.

The specifications of the ship line can impress both the average sitizen and the experienced seaman:

Deadweight - 37 490 tones,
Length o.a. - 221.62 m,
Breadth – 29,80 m,
Draft summer load line - 11.40 m,
Loading capacity - 2732 TEU, including 400 refrigerated containers,
Service speed laden - 22 knots.

The main engine MAN B&W, model 7S 70 MC-С produces power of 21 770 kW and is designed for work on heavy fuel. FESCO had specified the additional installation of three 45 tones cargo cranes which makes possible to carry out loading operations without special loading equipment in the port. The vessel is operated by the crew of 17 persons.

Today the ship specifications are important competitive advantages, which allow the company to develop the new directions of cargo transportation. This type of container vessels is optimal for large size cargo transportation for long distances with lowest possible costs.

It is important to mention that these vessels are built “in a German way”- with a perfect quality. Wismar is one of the largest ports of Northen Germany and Aker Yards is one of leading shipbuilding yards in Europe.

Attention to the container shipping

Container operations are actively developed by FESCO during the last years. It is not surprising, as this is the one of the most profitable type of transport business: containers have the standard dimensions and are suitable for transportation by various types of transport. Container business is growing in a rapid pace and the total volume of the global marker is about 500 billions of dollars.

The transportation volumes through the main world transport routes will at least double by 2010 in comparison to 2000 according to the experts‘ forecasts. 70% of the total volume of cargo, which can be delivered in containers, will be containerized, according to the forecasts.

Analysts show that the container operations are developed because of economy globalization as well.

For example, the development of e-commerce, will advance the container transportation development, because it “fits technologically well” into the container transport ideology.

The container operations grew in the world between those regions, where either integrated products manufacturing increased significantly, i.e. China, the countries of South East Asia, or such products consumption increased, i.e. European countries, USA.

A great ship needs deep waters

The container ship «FESCO BAYKAL» left the port of Hamburg for its first voyage, where 1150 TEU were loaded aboard. The vessel left for the port of Antwerp, Belgium. The ship and the crew is led by the Master Oleg Agaev, Chief Officer Yury Guzhov, Chief Engineer Vladimir Adrianov.

Ships construction for the certain lines and available cargo base became the normal practice for the ship owners long ago. FESCO isn’t an exception.

Acquired «FESCO BAYKAL» and «FESCO BARGUZIN» provide service on the line, operated by German charterer Humburg Sud, which is on the twenty largest container operators of the world. The vessels operate between North Europe and Western Coast of South America.

By the way, the container vessel «FESCO BAYKAL» became a remarkable 900th vessel, which was built by the Wismar yard for its long 60 year history. The vessels for USSR research, refrigerator and bulk fleet were built by Aker Yards (former Matias Tezen Yard) during the existence of Socialist German Democratic Republic. The container vessels «Mekhanik Moldavanov» and «Mekhanik Kalyuzhny», bulkers of the «Ch» series, such as «Chelyabinsk», «Cheremhovo», «Cherkassy», were built at this yard and are in the FESCO fleet now. FESCO seamen have a wide experience of working at the ships built at Wismar, but are sure that the new ships will serve to the shipping company as long and reliably as their “elder sisters”..

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