RM-steel: european standard of SMC

The company «RM-steel», specialized in metal production supply and metal working and reworking services, is presented by its Director General Vladimir Matushko.

- The «RM-steel» company is yet too young being established and having enetered the metal market more than one odd year ago. Today the company is comprised of three metal centers - in town of Luberzy of the Moscow Region, in town of Narimanov of the Astrakhan Region and a service centre under construction in town Kolpino, Saint Petersburg.

The idea of specialized service metal centers is clearly justified. A manufacturing enterprise should concentrate on its key functions, entrusting the realization of blanks to professional vendors. All civilized world have passed this path and we should not «invent a bicycle».

However, in Russia and all post-Soviet region you can still often see an absolutely ineffective system, where most enterprises have their own blank productions. As a result, the enterprises scatter their recourses instead of concentrating powers on the main sphere of activity. And it is not a deep dark secret that those blank productions, choose my words carefully, are not at all effective.

I am convinced the vendors specialization and growth should develop in its own unique way; this is how, for instance, the Baltic companies develop nowadays. And the fact that most metal traders move in the same direction, and that many enterprises, even very conservative ones, show interest for cooperation with us - lets us consider the chosen development direction to be positively estimated.

I would say we get offers not only in the scope of existing production, but also for developing the new specialized production oriented for a certain segment of industry. And the pioneers here are the western concerns coming to our market and setting up here their business. They are ready to outsource the functions of procurement, projecting, blank production, the intrafactory logistics. It means that apart from delivering the production to the central storehouse the supplier is to provide delivery in a prepared condition directly to a shopfloor to the place of working or assembling. This is a constructive approach to organization of business, this scheme is convenient and profitable for both the parties.

Our company is oriented for servicing the shipbuilding industry as from the very beginning we had a significant experience in provisioning this production. Among our regular customers are big shipbuilding enterprises of Russia and Baltics. The greatest shipbuilding concerns of Northern Europe are interested in cooperation with Saint Petersburg Service Metal Center. There are preliminary projects signed with «Odense Steel Shipyard» and «Aker Finyards».

Except that, lately we work actively to establish cooperation with machine-building and car-building companies. It is rather early to comment on the results, but we think that among our regular customers there will the companies of the mentioned industries occur.

Our business has many nuances and specific moments. As we are primarily not the trading but a specialized service company, that is the company offering the customer the full range of services. This influences the trading and marketing system in a certain way. We are so to say metalservice boutique but not the supermarket. Starting cooperation with this or that enterprise, we start living by its problems and its needs. Both we and our customers are aiming for the long-lasting relationships. Before concluding the contract we study our customer, and the customer studies us. Look, check, clear up. Two plants or manufacturing enterprises of the same industry will have significant differences in technology, specific, will have absolutely different expectations from their supplier. All this should be taken for account by us in our cooperation with partners.

The prices in our business are not always the basic competitive advantage, though certainly, like delivery terms and conditions, payment conditions or time for transportation, they are very important for the SMC. Our customer expects us to provide quality and complex service. This is our specialization and key competence.

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