Pella: from Neva to Caspian Sea and Sakhalin

Leningrad shipyard «Pella» JSC has been located on the left bank of the Neva river for 50 years.“Pella” has been traditionally specializing in main three areas:- shipbuilding - modern azimuth driven tugs with the capacity of 1000 kW to 5000 kW;- machine building – technological equipment (bending machines for pipes of 22 mm to 450 mm, including machines with electronic control and various spraying machines) and automatic heat gantry plate-cutting machines for plate thicknesses from 4 mm up to 220 mm;- GRP production - variety of closed type free-fall and cable launching lifeboats with GRP hulls which are in accordance with SOLAS 74/83, there are GRP special constructions for Russian Navy ships, boats and motor boats and boats.

At present the company is manufacturing berthing tugs of Project 90600 and Project 16609, and pusher-tugs Project 90608 (the “river-sea” category). Azimuth driven type of the vessels increases their maneuverability, which is especially important of operating in the narrow water seaports. Each tug is equipped with two diesel engines from the world’s leading manufactures (Catepillar, Cummins and others), Rolls-Royce rudder propellers, auxiliary equipment, and advanced electronic and navigation devices of the leading European companies. As options to the main set there can be installed an aft towing winch, deck hoisting devices, oil overflow emergency system, external Fi-Fi system. The tugs have got an ice class which makes them suitable for being used in northern latitudes.

Two pusher-tugs Project 90608 constructed for foreign customers were launched in summer 2006. Sea trials of the Project’s lead ship - pusher-tug “Dioniso” have been successfully completed and it was launched on June, 7th. The tug showed specification’s characteristics: maximum full speed ahead is 11,7 knots, full speed back is 10,9 knots. All tug and management systems functioned well. At maneuver trials the time of switching from full speed ahead to full speed back made up 14 seconds.

On September,12th «Dioniso» has been delivered to the Customer - PB Volga Limited ex Rokio Shipping Co Ltd. The total capacity of main engines (Cummins) makes up 1492 kW, motion and maneuverability are provided by Rolls-Royce Azimuth thrusters which gives bollard pull of 25 tones. The vessel is equipped with aft and bow anchor gear, towing winch, towing hook, automatic coupling device for the connection of the Pusher-Tug to barge, tensioning turnbuckles at the sides and the10 tonne deck winch. The design of the vessel includes two-tier superstructure topped by the wheelhouse, which allows increasing the crew number up to 15 persons.

Pusher-tug “Dioniso” meets requirements of Sea and River Shipping Registers as well as OCIMF requirements regulating international transportation of oil products.

Besides pusher-tugs, serial construction of berthing tugs (projects 90600 and 16609) has been organized. In 2006 «Pella» shipyard made several contracts with large companies. The tugs have got an ice class and can work in extreme ice conditions. They are equipped with high-capacity power unit and powerful fire fighting system.

Azimuth berthing tugs “Beluga” and “Navaga” project 90600 completed in October-November for “Ust-Luga” initiated the port’s own merchant navy. Baltic port “Ust-Luga” is now planning to purchase several dozens tugs of that class to provide for all-the-year-round navigation.

All vessels constructed at “Pella” meet requirements of the World’s tug-building, acting international conventions and the leading classification societies. Equipment for propulsive set is selected regarding planned working conditions of tugs in ports. The cost of tugs is lower by 20-30% as compared to foreign tugs with similar engineering factors and technological sophistication.Due to many years of experience of working in the boatbuilding market, “Pella” looks ahead with confidence today. The shipyard has all the necessary conditions to build vessels of any type for ports, while quality of production and recognition gained by “Pella” after 50 years of activity make the shipyard a favourable contractor for customers in Russia and abroad.

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