The Antarctica exploration first phase on the programs of IPY 2007/08

S.B. Balyasnikov - Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Press Service

REV “Academician Fedorov” Came Back to Saint-Petersburg Research and expedition vessel “Academician Fedorov” of Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute RosGydroMet has moored to the berth of Kanonersky Shiprepairer, St. Petersburg, ending the 52nd Russia’s Antarctic Expedition and International Polar Year 2007/08 on May, 2. The capitan is Valery Viktorov, sea captain.

Research and expedition vessel “Academician Fedorov” had participants of the 51st wintering Russia’s Antarctic Expedition (RAE), Viktor Venderovich, commander of the expedition, and of the 52nd seasonal RAE, Vladimir Kiselyev, commander of the expedition on board.

Research and expedition vessel “Academician Fedorov” set out for the Antarctic voyage from St. Petersburg on November 3, 2006. Representatives of 20 research, educational and production organizations took part in the expedition.

The 51st RAE carried out its programs at Russia’s stations “Mirny”, “Vostok”, “Novolazerevskaya”, “Progress”, “Bellinsgauzen”. The main areas of the RAE research lied in monitoring of environment of the Antarctic, ranging from near space to the Earth crust.

The expedition participants’ tasks included continuation of building the new service and housing wintering estate and runway of the “Progress” station, execution of environmental activities on collecting, recycling and preparing the station life activity wastes for disposal out of Antarctic bounds and also arrangement of inland expeditions by sleigh and track-type vehicles.

The researches collected new data on changes in Antarctic climate, determined the features of ozone hole behavior, revealed the ice coverage anomalies of Antarctic seas.

RAE activity was supported by intercontinental flights of aircraft IL-76TD and inland flights of aircrafts AN-2 and BT-67 and also helicopters MI-8.

The activities of the 52nd seasonal RAE were carried out in coordination with the programs of the International Polar Year 2007/08.

The most interesting results of the 52nd seasonal RAE were obtained on the following projects:

  • Investigation of characteristics of subglacial Lake Vostok by means of radar and seismic sounding methods.
  • Boring of deep glacial well at the station “Vostok” in the layer below 3650 m in depth.
  • High-precision determination of the Antarctic ice dome profile near the station “Mirny” by geodesic means.
  • Carrying out of the complex of geological and geophysical research in the region of the Prince Charles Mountains and in the water areas of the Mouson and Commonwealth Seas.
  • Hydrobiological investigations of planktonic community and benthos in the coastal region of the Gulf of Prudes.

Implementation of the International Polar Year 2007/08 program was launched on March 1, 2007. The 52nd RAE members including those who are coming back to Saint-Petersburg on board of REV “Academician Fedorov” became immediate participants of this unique world-wide scientific and social and political event. The work on the IPY projects is in progress at five Antarctic stations of Russia.

V.V. Putin, the President of Russian Federation, rewarded 11 participants of the 51st and 52nd RAEs for their great services in research and exploration of Antarctica with the state awards by his orders No. 109, No. 264, No. 444 in 2007.

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