FESCO develops terminal business in the Baltic

In 2006 FESCO Transport Group in partnership with the group of companies Fest Quantum created strategic alliance for cooperative development of container terminal network, being part of National Container Company (NCC). At present FESCO and Fest Quantum are share holders of NCC group with equal shares.

Today National Container Company controls the most modern port container terminals, the First container terminal in Saint-Petersburg, NUTEP in Novorossiysk, container terminal “Ilyichevskiy” in Ukraine.

Besides operating terminals in sea ports, FESCO Transport group and Fest Quantum are realizing perspective projects in collaboration with each other: building container terminal in Ust-Luga port and logistic centre in Shushari (Saint-Petersburg).

Building the largest container terminal in Ust-Luga is the biggest investment project in the transport infrastructure industry of Russia. New ultra-modern terminal in the Gulf of Finland which is 110 km to the west from Saint-Petersburg, will be on service for European communication feeder container ships in the Baltic and transit freight flows through the territory of Russia. The terminal will use most effective technologies, equipment and IT-control system for high-speed ships and containers processing.

Location of the Ust-Luga port is one of the best in the gulf in terms of weather conditions: construction territory is characterized by rare storms, temperance of ice cover thickness, low level of atmospheric precipitations comparing with other Baltic Sea bays. Access canal with 14 meters depth allows servicing of ships with displacement up to 50 thousands tons. Further dredging and canal widening will allow servicing of ships with deadweight of up to 70 thousand tons and with tonnage of up to 6 thousand TEU1.

In April 2007 National Container Company has started to realize the first stage of the Ust-Luga terminal project. Construction will be carried out in the framework of state-private partnership. Two berths having 440 meters in length will be constructed in December at the expense of NCC; at the end of 2008 first launching complex with capacity up to 250 thousand TEU will be ready. At the beginning of 2009 NCC plans to accept and process the first vessel.

Afterwards at the expense of the NCC funds buildings, constructions, utility networks, load boards will be constructed. NCC’s total investments into the first stage construction of the terminal will reach more than 180 millions US dollars. Later on NCC’s investment program supports by stage development of the terminal capacity up to 6 millions TEU. Total planned NCC’s investment will reach more than 800 millions US dollars.

With state budgeting funds harborage dredging and construction of automotive access to the Ust-Luga port will be carried out. By 2012 not less than 110 millions from budgeting funds will be spent for developing external transport infrastructure of the port. Construction of the railway infrastructure of the port will be carried out in the framework of “Russian Railways” PLC investment program.

It is planned that the construction of this terminal and its operation will give high saving rate for Russia: only tax payments into the budget will reach about 1 billion dollars till 2020.

Container terminal will become the largest object in the Ust-Luga port complex and also the terminal with the biggest capacity in the Baltic’s, Russia and CIS. Its commissioning will meet the requirements of increasing demand on transfer of the state container cargo and also will help to reduce Russian consignee’s dependence from the ports of Finland and Baltic States.

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