Issues of Ensuring Safety of Maritime Engineering Structures Against Icebergs

Gudoshnikov Y.P., Zubakin G.K., Chernov A.V.
State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

Icebergs are the most dangerous elements of natural environment for navigation and operation of engineering structures and services.

In 2004-2008 the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) in cooperation with the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences have practiced the main features of icebergs and glaciers monitoring. Besides, the conceptual scheme of iceberg management in the water area of the Barents Sea was developed. It allows prompt detection of icebergs, prediction and control of their dangerous approach to the platform and active impact on iceberg aimed at alteration of its drift trajectory. Iceberg towing was practiced with the help of the scientific vessel "Mikhail Somov" in the course of experiments held in 2004-2005.

Development of expeditionary practice of the Russian Federation in high-latitude and polar areas requires construction of new scientific ice ships.

A conceptual project of the scientific multipurpose vessel of enhanced ice reinforcement and displacement tonnage of about 6500 tons developed by the AARI department of ice qualities of vessels can serve as an example.

Ensuring safety of future mining complexes should involve both development and technical realization of the system of glacial and iceberg management, and construction of modern ice ships equipped with high-technology complex of scientific equipment.

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