"Marine Facade" Meets its Guests

In September the first ocean mega-liner will moor to the new terminal of the Marine passenger terminal “Marine Facade” located on Vasilievsky island. The first complex is ready: two berths, building of the cruise terminal and the port management center. The builders report: the port is ready to receive around-the-world passenger vessels!

From the first cruise liner a group of visitors of honor and of foreign tourists will land on the shores of the Northern Capital - presumably this will be a passenger vessel with capacity of up to 2500 persons.

"Marine Facade" is the largest project in Europe on creation and development of territories in the coastal zone purposed to support the "Sea Gate of Russia" status of Saint-Petersburg. "Marine Facade" is growing on the shore of Gulf of Finland, it is located 6 km from the historical center of the city in the western part of Vasilievsky Island. It is here where the new territories of Saint-Petersburg are developed.

The initiator and developer of the project is JSC "Marine Facade Company". The scientific and research center of Master plan of SPb, CJSC GT Morstroy, OJSC Lenmorniiproject developed and prepared the idea of new territories and port for realization. As the prime contractor of construction the strongest construction company of Russia CJSC Engineering Corporation Transstroy was justly chosen.

Project "Marine Facade" is a multidimensional and large-scale one: it implies formation of about 400 ha of new territories for construction of 4 mln. sq. m. of commercial realty and creation of a marine passenger terminal. The new territories possess a number of advantages:
- they do not need reconstruction;
- they have elaborate engineering solutions;
- minimal town planning restrictions are laid upon them;
- they do not have legal burdens, which is very important for investors.

There's no doubt, that such a project just could not have started without participation of the Government of Saint-Petersburg, because this is a brand new approach to solution of the land problems of the city.

Besides, project "Marine Facade" is realized in the private and state partnership. Reconstruction of the navigation channel, water area, passing points, etc. are performed at the expense of the federal budget of the Russian Federation, these are the objects of strategic importance for the city. And the commercial part of the project - formation of the territory, construction of buildings and construction of the Marine Passenger Terminal - is carried out at the expense of private investments.

In accordance with the project of designers the Marine Port will be able to receive cruise and ferry vessels of up to 311 m in length and draft of up to 9 m. Totally there will be seven berths of general length of berth wall over 2 ths. meters. Within the first turn in 2008 two berths with the corresponding shore constructions will be commissioned. The port capacity under full development during the season will constitute about 12 ths. tourists per day (above 1.5 mln. passengers per year). The new port will meet all the existing international safety standards for passengers and vessels.

About the preparatory commissioning works of the first complex of the marine passenger terminal we were told by Sergey Polsky, the first deputy of the head of the Administration of the Sea and River Installations Morrechstroy CJSC Engineering Corporation Transstroy, head of project "Marine Facade".

- For today, all the planned objects of the first complex and engineering support systems are ready to start, the road and transport network are built, lighting is connected and the works on development of the territory are completed. The facilities of the customs and border-cross stations are prepared. The bank reinforcement in the south is completed, as well as the berth wall - as the framing of the man-made territory. The dredging works of Petrovsky navigation channel of 8.6 km length, of approach ways of 2.1 km length are completed. Works on construction of buildings and structures of the marine passenger terminal are performed in the volume of 90 %.

In July, 2006, we came out at the project for the first time - only waters of the Gulf of Finland were in front of us. And the first stage of the works became formation of the territory. This was the most complex and at the same time the most interesting task of the project. It is not easy to be the first, but this is the way the experience is gained.

Construction of the facilities of the port and hydraulic technical constructions was certainly nothing new to us. In this area the company possesses a great amount of experience and the constructions of ports of different purposes is one of the strongest parts of the company's activity.

We are proud of project "Marine Fa?ade" - this is one more pearl in the bank of realized projects of Transstroy. Without exaggeration, we became the pioneers in realization of the project of such scale and complexity. Now we can talk about one more gained experience essential for all the Russian builders - creation of man-made territories. I am sure that the Customer will be satisfied with the work performed by us as well as by its quality, and our cooperation will be continued.

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Sergey Polsky, head of project

Sergey Polsky, head of project "Marine Facade"