Chemical tanker was launched at Volgograd Shipyard

Chemical tanker project 4450 was launched at Volgograd Shipyard, MNP Group on Saturday, October, 11.

Design parameters of the tanker: deadweight is 4,500 mt, maximum length – 91.95 m, breadth – 16 m, depth – 7.8 m, draught – 5.7 m. A single-screw ship with an adjustable pitch propeller is fitted with 14 cargo tanks (including two slop-tanks) of total capacity about 5, cub.m. It is capable of carrying up to 14 types of cargoes in a voyage, including crude oil, oil products, vegetable and animal oil and chemical cargoes.

The chemical tankers was built at Volgograd Shipyard as per the design of Volga-Caspian Design Bureau, MNP Group (Nizhniy Novgorod) for class 100A5 E2 ESP NAV-O RSD ERS BWM Chemical Tanker (Type 2)/Oil Tanker Environmental Passport MC E2 AUT INERT of Germanischer Lloyd (GL).

“This is the first sea-going vessel of the reinforced ice class, constructed in Russia. This is a conceptually new design for the Volga-Caspian Design Bureau. Design and construction are carried out under supervision of Germanischer Lloyd”, said Vadim Malov, MNP Group, President & CEO.

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