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Maprom propeller shaft systems

According extensive research of “Environmental Research Consulting” annually 5 - 29 million liters of oil is spilled into the sea by leaking stern tube seals.

This is unnecessary, propeller shafts also can be lubricated, “Simply with Water”.

Maprom Propellershaft systems are widely used for over 30 years on the Russian market and are used in open and or closed water lubricated systems. They operate well in brackish- river-, seawater- and fresh water lubricated systems. In Arctic conditions the lubrication water can be treated with antifreeze and corrosion inhibitors but better the lubricating water can be heated resulting in a 100% environmental safe and green lube system. Maprom Propeller shaft systems and components are operating worldwide on many vessels ranging from Inland push boats to seagoing Icebreakers. The shaft diameters range from 85 mm up to 1050 mm.

Maprom system Advantages

  • High end Specialism guarantees best quality
  • “One stop shop” for design, engineering and supply of FPP propeller shaft system including propellers and nozzels
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Maximum durability and
  • Environmental safe and cost effective
  • 24/7 service
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • State of the art 3D design software & Whirling alignment calculation
  • Type approvals from RRR, RMRS, BV and DNV-GL

Water lubricated Propeller shaft system

Different operating conditions demand different solutions. The use of multiple types of “rubber” based bearings, each with their own characteristics results in: low temperatures, environmental safe, vibration damping, hydrodynamic lubrication, ease of replacement of bearing without dismantling of the propeller shaft, extreme long lifetime (Push boat Veerhaven V achieved more than 240.000 running hours) and negligible wear of shaft liner, even in sandy river water.

Bracket bearing lubrication

In an A-bracket bearing the outboard water is flushing and cooling the bearing via normal flow of water over the bearing or via forced flow. For applications where high contamination with sand may be expected Maprom NCB hard coated (60 Rc) shaft liners are recommended as a counter running surface to extend the total system wear life.

Open systems:

In open systems similar bearings and shaft liners are recommended. In addition the Axial Maprom GS FWD propeller shaft seal is installed which has a connection for the simple and reliable water quality package with flow control. For abrasive laden water conditions the maintenance free Non clogging MK (cyclone) separator, achieving up to 98% of sand (>0,1mm grain size) removal. The Maprom GS FWD seal, standard is equipped with an inflatable service seal to enable maintenance without dry docking

Closed systems:

By installing on both the forward and aft side of the stern tube a Maprom GS FWD and AFT seal a closed water lubricated system is created. This was first introduced by Maprom in the 70-ties having a proven track record of operational running conditions for the bearing systems of more than 240.000 running hours. For sea going vessels main advantage is no marine fouling on the shafts and thus less wear and tear. Additionally no corrosion of pipe systems and thus lower TCO.

The use of constant controlled (MON-SHAFT) quality of fresh water for lubrication, with or without additives, allows use of simpler shaft liners. Closed Systems show lesser system wear and tear and exhibit longer lifetime of bearings, seals and shaft liners than open seawater lubricated systems.


Maprom Systems are Simple of design and construction, Reliable, and inherent Environmentally safe.

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