Konstantin Shumilin: “The year will be closed with positive dynamics of development”

The last politics affected heavily the Russian industry. In shipbuilding, where all industry branches are involved, this is felt especially dramatically. Of course, the development of Russian industry has been discussed before 2014. The problem was discussed by expert shipbuilders and authorities at all the levels, as well as business representatives from related structures. But at present the problem is to be solved urgently.

That’s why the experience and best practice of Russian enterprises shall be studied. In spite of pessimistic estimation, such firms are available and they operate rather successfully. As to ship-building, work of TRITMENT Ltd company which manufactures marine pipe fittings and marine equipment is indicative. More than 20-year length of the company work in the market, impressive list of partners and reference-list of ships where TRITMENT equipment is installed proves the company to be a responsible partner whose opinion is ought to be deferred to.

Konstantin I. Shumilin, chairman of the board of directors of the group of companies TRITMENT Ltd tells us about preliminary results of the year 2014 and the affects of the last politics upon TRITMENT company operation.

– How would you evaluate the company’s work results in 2014?

– We always wish to achieve some better results, this is obvious. But as a whole the results are not bad, we are finishing the year with positive dynamics of development. The scope of shipped products in 2014 has increased by 9.9 % as compared with 2013, and is 18.2 % more than in 2012. We yet have one and half month ahead, and these values will surely increase.

Moreover, in 2014 the quality management compliance with ISO 9001-2011 was confirmed, certificates of the Russian River Register were renewed, and next acknowledgment of the certificate as per GOST RV 0015-002-0012 for operation with the Ministry of Defense was obtained.

We continue to cooperate with the shipbuilding and ship repair centre with which we have contracted for designer’s follow-up supervision and technical support of the production. SSTC specialists have significant experience and knowledge; they help us to modify the design of articles, to make the products better and more comfortable for operating personnel. We would like to say many thanks to SSTC designers for their cooperation.

– Has the assortment of the products supplied to your Customers enlarged?

– Presently the product catalogue of TRITMENT company includes about 3,000 items. This year there were no newly-designed products. But as soon as new production capacities will start up, we will improve the production range. State-of-the-art equipment enables to produce large-size ship pipe fittings. Our products can be used both on civil and navy ships. There’s no need to tell much that life and health of people depends on reliability of each part within the ship structure. Therefore the special attention at the enterprise is paid to the quality of products and services. The company implements the Quality management system according to international standards of ISO.

– Tell me please about your relations with Customers, have you found any new partners this year?

– For the years of operation our company has established strong and reliable contacts with shipbuilders in Saint-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, the Leningrad and Arkhangelsk Regions, Volga region, as well as with Far East shipbuilding and ship repair facilities.

TRITMENT Company has approved itself to be a reliable equipment manufacturer and supplier in the market of ship fittings. We always consider with great attention the requests of our clients and try to help them. They appreciate this, and the cooperation becomes stable, long-term and increasing. In this way we acquire new partners.

– Did import substitution policy influence your Company operation?

– We cooperate with Russian enterprises, and all our products are manufactured as per national standards. Besides, we do not use imported component parts. So to say, we have been supporting the Russian manufacturers for a long time. For this reason the last political events did not affect the operation of our Company. Moreover, we expect that ship construction at the national shipbuilding yards will be increased, with the use of Russian ship fittings. We hope that demand for our products will grow up as well.

– What are the plans for 2015? Which main trends are you going to develop?

– First of all we are planning to develop our production facilities. We have already started the workshop construction, and we are buying state-of-the-art equipment. At present we begin to master the foundry production, this will enable us to refine the production process and to reduce essentially the delivery terms. And of course we are going to increase the scope of product delivery, we have got all necessary prerequisites for this.

– And the last question – what does Maritime Market magazine mean for you?

– We have been cooperating with the Maritime Market magazine since the very first issue. We became good partners or, better to say, good friends. In its pages there are always presented the new projects, headings where we actively participate. We wish the magazine to continue in the same vein, we wish them success and new interesting undertakings!

Interviewed by Vladislav Bukin

Tritment Ltd.

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