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In the period of the company establishing, its founder Werner von Siemens delegated one of his brothers, Karl, to Russia. The first contract in Russia was concluded in 1851. The finance received from realization of this contract served to the young company’s establishment and development. It would not be an overstatement to say that the roots of Siemens company are to a large extent located in Russia, where a Siemens regional office was based in Saint-Petersburg in 1855. Our conversation partner, the Head of Power Generation Department of Siemens in Russia and Central Asia, Nikolay J. Rotmistrov, ph.D., narrates about the company operation in Russia.

– Siemens company is an active participant of the Russian market as it supplies a wide range of high-technology and innovative equipment for power energy, oil and gas and other industrial branches, including solutions for continental shelf projects. Would you tell us, which fields and segments are the key ones in the Russian market?

– Siemens AG concern presents the full scope of power industry products and operates in Russia mostly in three segments: major generation, i.e. the wholesale and territorial generation companies (WGC and TGC), distributed power (municipal and industrial) and oil and gas industry. For all the three segments we supply generation equipment, compressors, automation systems and electrical solutions and perform maintenance of the equipment installed.

– What solutions does Siemens company offer for Arctic shelf deposits development?

– Our company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of integrated solutions for implementation of continental shelf oil and gas fields development projects. Our product line comprises platform-mounted power facilities, compressor units, automatic control systems, safety systems, and platform-mounted versions of integrated electrical solutions including ready modules – the so-called Е-Houses. Furthermore, Siemens supplies solutions for subsurface field development – in particular, subsurface substations and subsurface compressor units. We also work in shipbuilding industry, supplying power plants for various ship classes based both on steam turbine and gas turbine drives.

– Could you tell us more about some Russian continental shelf projects?

– Siemens company has to some extent participated practically in all the shelf projects being implemented in Russia today. These projects are Sakhalin-2, Prirazlomnaya platform, LUKOIL company shelf projects in Caspian sea – Korchagin and Filanovskiy, and Baltic sea shelf projects.

– Russia is a country of specific and sometimes very complicated climatic and geographical conditions. What advanced techniques of Siemens have been especially designed or adapted for the Russian market?

– Siemens has very soon understood that technical requirements for Russia, especially for Siberian and High North regions, are significantly different from those in Europe. For instance, operation at –60 °С temperature requires some special solutions. In the past years we developed a set of technical solutions for extreme cold climate, including the use of special materials, heating, and modular constructions.

All the Siemens equipment is supplied with a high degree of operational compatibility serving to minimize assembly and commissioning time which is very important for complicated projects implementation.

For production sites in remote areas Siemens has developed the “unmanned” technology that provides for equipment maintenance by personnel staying at a large distance from the place of its installation. For instance, these are mobile compressor units for drill holes of declining production. The company portfolio also includes the “smart field” technologies with control and monitoring performed remotely. Besides that, we have developed the special “polar modules” with all the equipment supplied in heat-insulated containers and virtually ready for operation.

– It is known that Siemens company is actively involved in production localization in the Russian market. Please, tell us about the enterprises that already function.

– Siemens company has a number of production enterprises in Russia. In Saint-Petersburg there is a plant manufacturing high-capacity gas turbines. Another plant is going to provide one hundred percent technology transfer from the leading gas turbine plant of Siemens in Berlin. There is also a compressor plant Rusturbomash in Perm. Equipped with up-to-date equipment, it is the most advanced compressor manufacturer in Russia. The advantage of our compressors is a higher efficiency factor (3–4 % higher compared to analogues being used) and reliability, which is important for the customer. In Voronezh, there is a Siemens production cluster for high-voltage electrical equipment manufacturing.

– LNG production has been actively developed in Russia recently. Could you tell us whether there have been any Siemens projects for this segment in the Russian market in these days?

– Russia is one of the main players in the market of new LNG plants construction today. Siemens participates in Yamal LNG project where we are supplier of the captive power plant and some special compressors. We have just won the tender for an integrated electrical solution delivery for this project. Siemens will supply equipment in special heavy-tonnage modular containers of boreal and marine versions, practically ready to start operation. Time for commissioning comes down to absolute minimum. We plan to participate in other promising Russian LNG projects: the second stage of Yamal LNG, Vladivostok, Baltic, and the project of NC Rosneft, JSC on Sakhalin.

– What are the key competitive advantages of Siemens products and solutions, in your opinion?

– Siemens is a unique company in view of the market coverage. There is no other company in the world that offers equipment and solutions for the whole process chain from hydrocarbons production up to the end product manufacturing. We offer integrated solutions and position ourselves as an engineering company. Siemens is widely represented in Russia and provides here the whole chain of value creation: R&D, sales, production, project engineering, project management, mounting and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service. We have a powerful organization in Russia that is mostly manned with Russian specialists. We always adapt our solutions in accordance with the particular customer requirements and offer only the most up-to-date technologies.

Siemens company is a sponsor of Innovative Oil and Gas Projects on World Ocean Shelves round-table discussion at Offshore Marintec Russia, the International Specialized Offshore Exhibition and Conference. The event will take place in accordance with the Russian Federation Government order on 7–10th of October 2014, in ExpoForum, the new congress and exhibition center.

Invitation cards may be obtained at the event web-page

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