On situation in shipbuilding industry

On February 04, 2009, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Mr. Viktor Khristenko addressed the Federation Council meeting with the report “On the Progress of Implementation of the Strategy of Shipbuilding Industry Development for the Period up to 2020 and Further Perspective”.

The strategy of shipbuilding development up to 2020 is aimed at increase of competitive strength of the industry. The main types of production that the industry shall focus on are the following:

  • ships constructed within the framework of Gosoboronzakaz (government’s defense order) and within the framework of the program of military-technical cooperation;
  • high-technology, complex commercial ships under the government order;
  • special-purpose commercial ships for MChS (Russian Federation Ministry of Emergencies) and other establishments;
  • offshore nuclear power plants;
  • platforms and other marine equipment for the exploration of shelf deposits;
  • sea and river ships for Russian shipping companies.

In recent years, sales have demonstrated steady growth. In 2008 – 150 bln RUR, estimated figure in 2009 – about 180 bln RUR. Military goods are dominating in the sales pattern and constitute about 70 % thereof. In accordance with the Strategy in 2009 the establishment of the “United Shipbuilding Corporation” will be finished and it will include the leading design bureaus and three new shipbuilding and ship repair centers as subsidiaries of OJSC “USC”.

To minimize the gap in technological development we base ourselves on a range of Federal target programs. Implementation of these programs will result in high social effect due to keeping and increasing the number of working places in shipbuilding and related industries. Besides the federal budget tax revenues for the period of 2009–2016 in relation to commercial shipbuilding production are expected in amount of more than 130 bln RUR (90 bln RUR from the budget means will be spent on program implementation).

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