Marine Technics. Vessel begins with project

Due to the large professional experience and utilization of the latest technologies, the Design Bureau of Marine Technics Group of Companies offers the most attractive and competitive projects for ships of any complexity.

A few years ago, Marine Technics Company was occupied with marine equipment supply and service maintenance. The Design Bureau was represented as a small department of technical support which included only several design engineers who advised our clients on equipment and solved arisen issues and questions. The idea to become a project coordinator and to perform a full range of service – from ship’s project and choice of appropriate equipment to supervision during the shipbuilding – appeared a long time ago and was waiting for its realization. But in 2011 this opportunity was provided: FSUE “Rosmorport” declared about a tender for acquisition of six pilot boats for different ports – from Arkhangelsk to Temryuk.

The first appearance turned out to be a large-scale event. In a short term we created a working group of designers, who were able to elaborate the best, according to its technical data, project of pilot boat MPB14, which became the winner of the tender. To say it in modern language, all technical decisions are innovative ones: for the first time on the territory of RF, coaxial tractor-type azimuth thrusters were used which ensured more effective and manoeuvring parameters of the craft. Also, the human engineering and outside view were well designed. Despite of very tight deadlines of project development and building, boats were built and accepted by the customer in advance. Feedback about built vessels, including comments from operating organizations (that’s a very important value) can be freely found in the Internet.

The successful realization of the project confirmed that the Company has correctly chosen its direction – there is a demand for modern and quality ships; but the choice of offers which are able to satisfy the customer is quite narrow and limited. At the end of 2011 a new department was established in the Marine Technics Company – the Design Bureau. The specialists of this new division draw up 2D-drawings and necessary design documentation, elaborate 3D-models of the craft and equipment, receive approvals for drawings and documentation in the classification societies, provide assistance during ship building.

The Design Bureau of Marine Technics Group of Companies creates high-speed vessels of any complexity – patrol and pilot boats; working boats – aid-to-navigation, diving and hydrographical vessels; passenger boats – from taxi boats to cruise liners.

The Design Bureau is planning to put into operation innovative new passenger high-speed vessels which will incorporate all the best from catamaran and hydrofoil crafts. The result of already led work shows, that the ship with capacity 80 persons is able to run at 45 knots (and more) with the main engine power only 2 x 800 kW and, the most important, the cruising draught is about 0.3 meter which allow to solve the problem of passenger shipping on all types of rivers, including strong shallowed ones. The following model trials let specify design calculations and raise a little bit the ante for design engineers.

Besides the creation of plans for new building vessels, the Design Bureau has established itself in the sector of renovation. Today, in such boats as “Meteor”, “Polesie”, “Voskhod”, “Linda” and “Zarya” the projects for reequipement were successfully performed and are being well realized. Marine Technics Group has also signed contracts for design development and installation of sewage, oily and ballast water treatment systems on ships. The projects, connected with radio and navigation equipment change, including full renovation, are regularly elaborated on commercial vessels. Crafts, renewed by the projects of Marine Technics Group, are efficiently operated on the waterways of Russia.

During development of a new project for ship modernization, specialists of the Company attentively study and analyze conditions of future operation. The calculations comprise not only environmental conditions and requirements of classification societies, but also presence of qualified crew and possibility of service. We will create technical decision and chose equipment, the most suitable for each individual project, taking into account its distinctive features. Out priority terms are safety, effectiveness and amenities of the future vessel which are highly implemented on the already built crafts and building ships.

Marine Technics Group of Companies has gathered the best specialists in their professional fields with great experience of ship development and understanding of up-to-date technologies. Actually, in our company work representatives of all specializations which help entirely create the craft; all tasks are solved in the direct discussion mode. The essential support to the existing practice is the many years’ gained relations with equipment manufacturers, participation in thematic seminars led by classification societies and visit of specialized shipbuilding exhibitions.


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