Ellehammer A/S: tradition, simplicity, safety

The fire safety equipment, pumps and ejectors produced by Ellehammer are designed to conform to the wishes and needs of our customers. Being proud of traditions of craftsmanship, Ellehammer easy optimise individual products to perform the specific function for which they are required.

Emergency Fire Pump systems for Absolute Safety

The biggest division of Ellehammer in Copenhagen produces these energy giants. Having a pump flow up to 3000 m3 /h there is not such type of vessel, which Ellehammer could not complement by the emergency fire pump.

The Ellehammer Emergency Fire Pump starts to operate when the normal fire extinguisher system e.g. a fire ring does not function. A pressure sensor activates the emergency fire pump, which automatically starts to operate and pressurises the water in the fire extinguishing system.

The Ellehammer pump system does the pumping in two phases: First, water from the sea water line is pumped up to the vessel; this is done at relatively low pressure using a hydraulic pump driven by the main motor on the main deck. When the water reaches the main deck, it is pumped into the fire extinguishing system by a centrifugal pump generating maximum pressure.

Capacities: from 90 – 2 500 kW; 30-3000 m3/h

Emergency fire pumps from Ellehammer are supplied as electric or diesel-driven pumps. They are available in many sizes, from a four-cylinder engine that delivers 90 kW and pumps at 70 m3/hour, to large machines with 16 cylinders which deliver 2,500 kW and can pump more than 3,000 m3/hour at a pressure of 12 bar.

Emergency fire pumps from Ellehammer can be container and caisson solution.


Ellehammer ejectors can pump bilge under all conditions. This makes an ejector pump the safe solution. Bilge water is always full of dirt, which can block traditional pumps and make pumping impossible. With an ejector pump, the risk of blocking is virtually nil, because the dirt is simply discharged with the water.

The ejector is connected to the existing pump installation, which therefore does not come into direct contact with the material to be pumped. The ejector is fitted exactly to the conditions at its location, so it fits the piping standards and flange sizes on Asian, American and European ships. Ejectors can be supplied as stationary or movable units.

Ejector capacities are from 4 to 860 m3/h and sizes are from 20 sm to 4 m.

The company Ellehammer takes part in the international exhibition NEVA-2013, which will be held from 24 to 27 September at «Lenexpo», St. Petersburg. The company's products will be available at the stand of Marine Technics Group: pavilion 7, stand №7080.

Marine Technics Group is an exclusive representative of Ellehammer in Russia, CIS and Baltic States. More detailed information you can get by phone: +7 (812) 309-46-46, or on the website of the company www.marinetec.com.


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Phone: +7 (812) 309-46-46

E-mail: office@marinetec.com

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