MT Group presents water treatment systems of PETER TABOADA®

Marine Technics Company offers highquality marine equipment of leading world manufacturers to the shipyards. PETER Taboada R is one of them. The company produces water treatment systems. Some systems are designed and patented with its own technology. "Marine Technics" is an exclusive representative of the Spanish manufacturer in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries since 2009.

PETER TABOADA since 1980 is specialized in the design, manufacturing and marketing with its own technology of water treatment and purification systems for the marine, industrial, pharmaceutic-hospital, and residential markets. The company deals with a wide range of applications in the water treatment field, from working as a consultant for evaluation of projects up to operation and maintenance of water treatment systems.

PETER TABOADA develops systems and machines following the most strict quality controls and maintaining the most exigent international guidelines of manufacturing (included the "EC" stamp) and with the added value that confers to be a certified ISO 9001 company. PETER TABOADA is specialized in:

  • Seawater and brackish water desalination (reverse osmosis, evaporating type).
  • Seawater treatment for avoiding biological growth and corrossion.
  • Ultrapure water production for hemodialisis and industrial applications
  • Water control, maintenance, and purification for cooling systems, boilers, etc.
  • Water sterilization by different methods.

Vessel pipeline cleaning

PETER TABOADA present PETIÓN – antibiological growth and antifouling systems for seawater pipelines.

PETIÓN is the most advanced antibiological growth and anticorrosive system for seawater circuits that can be found in the market. applying The highest technology in electrolysis, the two main objectives are reached: The total cleaning up of molluscs, crustaceans and algae in one hand and, on the other, the protection against corrosion in the whole system where the seawater flows, either in pipelines, valves or any other machinery.

The use of PETIÓN on all kind of ships, vessels, petrol platforms, and inland seawater refrigeration systems, has been crucial in the maintenance of them. The PETIÓN system is a PETER TABOADA's patent. Built with the best components and materials after several years of research and development, the PETIÓNR system is the most cost-effective and least expensive by its performance, low energy, and maintenance expenses.

PETSEA VAP: seawater desalination system by vacuum evaporation

The PETSEA VAP evaporators are designed to produce less than 5 ppm fresh water from sea water.

Warm water obtained from the jacketwater of a main or auxiliary engine must be supplied to the system as feed water. This operation is based on the principle of vacuum distillation. The sea water is boiled in vacuum at low temperatures in order to be transformed in steam. The steam passes through a monel strainer that eliminates any drop of water or strange particle, leaving only pure steam, that will pass to the condensation chamber.

The feed and seawater level are automatically controlled by devices already regulated at the factory so they do not need to be controlled by the user. The extra saltwater is continuously taken out from the system and pumped outside of the ship.

Once the system has been started, no adjustments are needed because of the automatic PETSEA VAP functioning, starting the fresh water production after several minutes. The freshwater is suctioned from the evaporator as soon as it is produced and pumped to the fresh water tank by means of a pump designed to work 24 hours a day. Using no ferrous material allows us to produce clean and fresh water and because of its softness this water can be used for the cooling engine system, drinking, cooking and any kind of use.

All for shipbuilding: from idea to implementation

Marine Technics Group is on the market of marine supplies and services for more than 15 years. «Marine Technics» offers complex solutions: consulting, designing, construction and modernization of vessels, delivery of marine equipment and spare parts for all types and classes of vessels, aftersales service and post-warranty service, technical support. The company is the exclusive representative of more than 30 world leading manufacturers of ship equipment. It is represented in the largest cities of Russia, CIS countries and Baltic States.


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