Large freezer trawler General Troshev delivered to Customer

Sea trials have been completed and the Russian flag has been run up and General Troshev is ready to serve for Russia’s benefit. Over the last twenty years this large freezer trawler of the 1288 project is the first vessel of such a class built in the post-Soviet space.

Design speed of this large freezer trawler – 14.3 knots, displacement – 5715 tons. The vessel is 104.5 meters long, width – 16 m, depth – 10.2 m, deadweight – 1757 tons and equipped with modern navigation and communication systems. Cruising capacity is up to 70 days. Due to its sea-going capabilities the vessel has an unlimited navigation area.

The key feature of this project is its multifunctional capabilities. A vessel was supposed to perform a single function in the Soviet times. Either it catches or stores or processes fish. The Large freezer trawler General Troshev can combine all these functions. Frozen fish will be stored in two fish storerooms at a temperature of 28 °С and can be transferred to the cargo refrigerators at sea or delivered directly to port.

It took the builders two years to the day to materialise a new breakthrough project implemented under the trawler fleet innovative development programme. For domestic shipbuilding industry this term of order execution is regarded to be a record one.

Successful solutions applied in this project include the use of a diesel geared assembly unit with a rated capacity of 6800 EHP as the main power plant of the vessel. Two diesel engines manufactured under the license from Pielstick are used as the main ones. In line with new international standards, the vessel is equipped with a special care area and air locks.

Undoubtedly, the large freezer trawler General Troshev is yet another proof that the Russian shipbuilding industry, at least, when such companies as Hotchya Marine Design are mentioned, is still capable of building new generation ships beginning from a project design and the documentation release and up to construction on a “turn-key” basis. This means that it has a good outlook.

The company Hotchya Marine Design performs a full range of services, such as, consulting, design, engineering and construction management of all types of ships, including those for the oil and gas industry operating in the Far North. Our experience enables us to be the leading ship designer and builder with any level of complexity.

Hotchya Engeneering

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