Maprom Engineering – the best decision for water-lubricated stern tube systems

Maprom Engineering – the Dutch company supplying water-lubricated stern tube systems and other marine products – leads the way in stern tube systems, bearings, seals and other components for propeller shafts. Stern tube bearings seals and components can be ordered individually or may be designed and supplied by Maprom as a complete set.

Maprom demountable rubber stern tube bearings successfully demonstrated the Second to None record exceeding 220,000 working hours, no other water-lubricated stern tube bearings, produced by competitors, are capable of similar operational duration. Maprom offers different types of water-lubricated stern tube bearings and staves that are exactly suited to specific conditions and requirements set by customers. This is proved by the fact that e.g. Maprom Romor stern tube staves were chosen for application on the nuclear-powered icebreaker “Taimyr” – one of the largest in the Russian fleet of icebreaking vessels, and is distinguished among Russian icebreakers by the most difficult operating conditions, as stated by the operator “Atomflot”. It is worthwhile to note, that application of Maprom Romor staves on “Taimyr” followed a 7-year period of successful trial operation of the staves on one of the propeller shafts of this icebreaker, while on two other propeller shafts competitive products were tried.

Customers appreciate that Maprom products are distinguished by ease and simplicity in installation, operation and servicing. Mr. Igor N. Fomin, Technical Director of North-Western Shipping Company and Mr. Sergey G. Lebedev, Technical Management Superintendent of N-W sh. co., point out that the decision of the ship-owner N-W sh. co. to apply Maprom equipment on new building series of RSD-49 type, currently under construction, is based on successful operational experience of “Valday” and “Rusich” ships. These ships have operated successfully for almost 10 years. “Easy and simple in service, operation and in dry-dock, says Mr. Sergey I. Lebedev, plus long-time trouble-free and reliable operation. In addition to that, unfailing servicing and technical support from Maprom during warranty and post-warranty service periods, all these factors favored our decision to install Maprom products on our new ships of RSD-49 type.” Maprom water-lubricated stern tube systems may be fully automatic with reliable electronic control, providing for unattended operation and excluding mistakes caused by human factor. Even at such highly sophisticated level Maprom equipment demonstrates reliability in combination with simplicity in installation and operation, as commented by Mr. Alexander N. Ryabchenko, then the new-buildings director of N-W sh. co., “the only equipment that would start working properly and showed trouble-free running directly from start-up and afterwards, following installation on newly-built “Valday”/“Rusich” ships, not causing any problems, nor requiring any adjustment, was the equipment supplied by Maprom – the only real turn-key equipment, indeed.”

The director of private owned “St Petersburg” shipping company Transpetrochart ,currently building 2 + 1 river seagoing oil tankers, says, “I was impressed by the outstanding service life of Maprom water-lubricated stern tube bearings, few suppliers of marine equipment are in the position to refer to such operational achievements”; “We ordered complete stern tube systems to be designed and supplied by Maprom for new river-sea-going tankers of project 52 with double-shaft propulsion installations with five bladed stainless steel propellers turning in a steerable rudder/nozzles also made in the Netherlands”.

Maprom water-lubricated stern tube seal of axial type has been successfully operated on “Valday” and “Rusich” ships, as well as tankers of projects 00210 and 00260, to complete satisfaction of ship-owners. Even more, the ship-owners North-Western Shipping Company, “Inok N.V.” Shipping Company and others on account of the successful operational experience, retrofitted Maprom stern tube seals on other ships of their fleets, including “Ladoga” and “Baltisky” types, in order to replace previously installed water-lubricated type seals.

It is worth mentioning, that owing to compact and convenient design, Maprom seal can be easily installed in existing systems, to replace existing water-lubricated and oil-lubricated seals, thus also converting ships to be environmental-friendly systems. Mr Dmitriy I. Belonosov, Technical manager of “Inok N.V.” Shipping Company says: “Maprom stern tube seal is reliable and simple in operation and servicing, while the stern tube seals originally installed on our ships are complex and costly in operation. “That is why we converted all our Baltisky type vessels project 16290/291 to Maprom GS seals. Another reason is that service and technical support from Maprom is indeed constant and unfailing”.

Maprom GS stern tube seals for shaft diameters < 1050mm are currently being designed for use in water lubricated sterntube in either open or closed execution.

Based on the positive operational experience of “Valday” and “Rusich” ships, as well as river-sea-going tankers of projects 00210 and 00260, proving robust design and quality of Maprom high-performance products, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping permitted to extend propeller shaft inspection period of Maprom stern tube systems to 5 years without propeller shaft removal, with subsequent extension to 10 years, provided that operating results continue to be positive.

Maprom offers comprehensive approach to design of water-lubricated stern tube systems, providing for cost-efficient, reliable and safe operation of ships. Maprom equipment is distinguished by efficient trouble-free operation that practically equals the ship’s life duration. As experienced on Thyssen Krupp push boat Veerhaven 5 – it is proven that Maprom water-lubricated rubber stave bearings and the Maprom NCB hard coated shaft liners can operate for at least 220,000 working hours without significant wear that might necessitate replacement. Efficient solutions, designed by Maprom, bring substantial savings to our customers. Maprom products turn out a good investment for clients, saving time and money, and actually increasing their profits.

Another important aspect of the brand of Maprom on the Russian market is the open-hearted and friendly terms established with our Russian partners as early as in the middle of 1980-s during the first visits and exhibitions of Maprom in Russia (then the USSR), and such sincere friendly relations have been maintained and strengthened in the best spirit of the Dutch-Russian historic friendship set up by the Tsar Peter the Great. Maprom is proud to say that our clients are satisfied with what we try to contribute to technical safety and solidity of the Russian vessels. Our target is to take care of interests and needs of customers, providing efficient and profitable operation of Maprom systems to lasting and well-founded appreciation of our Russian partners, aiming for strong and long-term cooperation.

Maprom Engineering BV

Maxwellstraat 22, Dordrecht, 3316 GP, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 78 618 0877


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