Green technologies: Marine Technics Group introduces ORCA III, the small footprint physicochemical wastewater treatment unit

Currently pollution of the environment becomes a serious problem for the society. People all over the world try to save energy and water, producers use nature-friendly materials and technologies.

Marine Technics Group - a leading equipment supplier on shipbuilding market in Russia and CIS – presents an invention of Finnish company Evac, which helps to prevent sea and river water soiling.

Evac is one of the Marine Technics partners and well-known producer of advanced wastewater collection and treatment solutions. Creation of ORCA III, a small footprint physicochemical advanced wastewater treatment unit, became an important step in the development and improvement of water cleaning technologies.

The ORCA III is the ideal wastewater treatment system for merchant vessels, navy and patrol vessels, ferries, offshore supply vessels, service vessels and platforms, and for mega-yachts, requiring a compact design, small volume and footprint and fully automated operation.

The ORCA III comes in six different sizes, with a hydraulic loading capacity ranging from 20cu.m./day down to 1.5cu.m./day. It is ideally suited for efficient wastewater treatment for vessels which stay idle part of the time, thanks to its physicochemical treatment technology. The system meets the requirements of MEPC 159(55) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

"With the ORCA III now in production, Evac offers the whole range of advanced wastewater treatment systems for the marine industry," says Mika Karjalainen, General Manager of Evac Oy. "Its predecessor, the ORCA II unit, has been installed over the years on several hundred vessels, and it complements our MBR biological membrane wastewater treatment units, also installed on several hundred vessels to date, which also fulfils the MEPC 159(55) requirements."
In the ORCA III wastewater treatment system the sewage from the holding tank for black and grey water is transferred, using a macerator pump, to a sedimentation tank through a static mixer and flocculation dosing.

In a separate second tank section the clarified liquid is re-circulated through a disc filter and the organic matter is oxidised with Hypochlorite, after which the clean wastewater is discharged overboard.

Being fully automatic the ORCA III is safe and easy to operate and maintain. The operation costs are low. The complete package includes also the transfer/macerator pump.

Marine Technics Group represents Evac in Russia and CIS on exclusive basis. Please contact sales department for getting information on the Evac products.


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