"Prirazlomnaja" – the pioneer of Arctic

First stage of building of the unique Off-shore Ice-Resistant Fixed Platform «Prirazlomnaja» finished – the stage of the enterprise manufacturing. In November MISP was transferred from the water area of Sevmash to Murmansk ship-repair plant no.35 for the final outfitting, setting and arranging works and concreting. Summing up first stage of the platform creating general director of JSC «Gasprom oil shelf» Aleksander Mandel said: «Today the platform has a high degree of making ready. Sevmash acquired the huge experience, with calculation of which he will develop further».

"It can talk about the Off-shore Ice-Resistant Fixed Platform "Prirazlomnaja" building not one hour", - deputy of general director, chief of the production of marine techniques and civil shipbuilding Valery Borodin smiles. - Hundreds enterprises were drawn up, thousands engineers and workers, tens new decisions were suggested - and as a result first stage of the building was successfully finished".

- Valery Viktorovich, it is a tradition to recollect in concluding moments, from what all was begun…

- The initiative was belonged to academician E.P. Velokhov. Evgeny Pavlovich knew, that oil stocks at the continent finish, and we have to begin development of Arctic fields. At this time Sevmash released from big volumes of State defensive order, that is the powers were free, and its loading was necessary. Therefore Evgeny Pavlovich suggested to create the company for the Russian shelf development, and from this moment working out of the project and unification powers of all participants began. History shows, that the direction was chosen rightly, although the way was really complicated.

- The platform was laid in 1995. Why the building delayed for fifteen years?

- Volumes of financiering even with attraction of foreign investors did not provide a fulfilling of plan indexes. The project received the development only after six years, in 2001, when the contract about collaboration was concluded between JSC "Gasprom" and JSC "Rosneft" about development in the region of "Prirazlomnoye" oilfield. For embodying of the project as the platform orderer "Sevmorneftegas" was created. Between this company and Sevmash the contract was concluded for manufacturing of the supporting base of "Prirazlomnaja", and later for all platform. Only after it the building of sections and blocks of caisson was begun in workshops.

- Building of caisson and rolling of the upper construction demanded to receive courageous technical decisions. How this work was carrying out?

- We built four super-blocks for two years. Every super-block is compared with the biggest nuclear-powered submarine "Akula" in mass and sizes. But after the building we shall have to do the most complicated thing - to combine them in the one whole. It was necessary to provide certain reliability of the construction, because the platform will has to be in service for 25 years, in extreme climatic conditions. We looked for ways, what to do and how. The orderer advised us to use divers, which make welding under water. Firstly the idea seemed fully unrealized, because welding under water did not give solid characteristics. But desire of Sevmach to solve this question was stronger, as CLR SVP "InterAqua". Altogether we worked out the special arrangement, which provided the carrying out of this task, besides without crashes, in good terms and with the most little expenditures. As a result more than 15 000 kilometers of welding seams were carried out under water.
Then at the supporting base intermediate deck was formed, and the platform was mounted in the bottom of deep cotlovan for the rolling of auxiliary module and upper construction. The process of such buildings rolling in water was carried out firstly.

- Which important moments of the platform building you can also mark?

- It is worthy of remembering the platform designing. It was the large problem. The project was changed fully five times. When the platform architecture, complexes and systems were exposed to the considerable alteration. Only in 2009 after numerous changes the technical project was affirmed finally, defined the platform image. Only after it we could increase paces of the building, buy equipment, lead number of workers to 3 000 people. For one year we could assemble the boring arrangement, fundamental technological equipment, mounted living module for personnel placing, cranes and over-loading arrangements, formed from two parts helicopter landing site, carried out the colouring and the isolation of inner premises, established mechanisms, equipment, apparatuses.

In November the gigantic construction was dispatched in navigation across two seas. Accordance to plans of "Gasprom oil shelf" already in fourth quarter of next year MISP "Prirazlomnaja" must begin to extract oil. It is the pioneer in the creating of marine techniques for development of Arctic riches, Sevmash pride, confirmation of its high technologies and skill of the shipbuilders.

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