Kobelt Manufacturing – more than 45 years on the market of steering gears

Kobelt is a premier manufacturer of quality marine engine controls, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic steering, shaft brakes, deck machinery controls and industrial disc brakes used around the globe in all sizes of pleasure craft, work boats, public service vessels, oil rigs, wind turbines, aerospace and mining industries since 1962.

Kobelt manufactures all of navigational components to keep the vessel going in the right direction. Kobelt specializes in hydraulic and electro-hydraulic steering systems, including the following integrated systems - manual hydraulic, electric power, power assisted and electronic steering. Strict quality control, manufacturing and sturdy corrosion-resistant materials ensure trouble-free service above and beyond the generous warranty period. Kobelt carries the largest selection of steering components available on the market today.

Today Mighty Mariner system becomes popular. The Mighty Mariner is a simplified, reasonably priced electronic control system for mid-size vessels. This system is a compact economical solution effective for both mechanical and electronic/electric propulsion applications. The Mighty Mariner is designed for simple installation. Communication is via a CAN Bus. This system offers up to 4 stations with station select, station lock, overriding throttle and synchronization.


  • Self monitoring
  • Wire break monitoring
  • System temperature monitoring
  • Potentiometer monitoring
  • Clutch and throttle delay
  • Overriding throttle
  • Neutral safety
  • Engine synchronization
  • Station lock


The Mighty Mariner mechanical system is designed for mechanical engine governors and mechanical gearboxes. It is composed of the basic 6505S control head in combination with the 6527-S electronic actuator, both in sturdy bronze and stainless steel.

The control head is completely watertight from the topside and can be used in any location on board. The 6527-S actuator is a stand-alone actuator with manual override. The electronics are stored in the housing of the actuator itself, eliminating the need for a separate microprocessor unit. This simplified control system is perfectly suited for most boats, and has all the extra safety features found exclusively on Kobelt products.


The Mighty Mariner system can be used with electronic throttles and electric (solenoid operated) clutches. The control heads for both the mechanical and electronic systems are the same (6505S), however a model 6503 electronic interface/processor is used in this application to:

  • Monitor all the input information from control heads and switch panels
  • Communicate to the control heads and sonalerts
  • Operate a clutch solenoid
  • Operate the throttle signal for the engine

The 6505-2000 remote selector panel (shown on right) extends the range of products that can be used with the Mighty Mariner system. This remote panel has all the basic functions available on a 6505S control station and is suitable for inside or outside installations. The control heads that can be used now include:

  • 6501 Illuminated control (base optional)
  • 6506 Side-mount control
  • 6555 Illuminated control
  • 7176 Walk-about control
  • and various other controls including joysticks

Marine Technics group is an exclusive agent of Kobelt manufacturing in Russia and CIS. All the equipment is available upon request in sales department. Moreover, central service station of Marine Techncis in Saint-Petersburg supplies guarantee service and repair works for all the Kobelt details.


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