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Recently there has been a tremendous surge in maritime piracy as pirates try to fill their coffers with monsoon season round the corner when pirates will be out of business due to high seas. A Russian vessel too was attacked recently in the Indian Ocean. Now ship owners are looking for solutions to protect their assets. A Korean company, Tanktech, has come up with an ingenious solution to prevent pirates from boarding the ship. Maritime Market conducted interview with Mr. Kwang-il Joo, President of Tanktech, to know more about the solution.

Q: - What do you think is the best way to prevent ships from getting hijacked?
A: - Well, The long term solution lies in political stability in Somalia. The Somali youth need to have access to other avenues of income rather than taking to high seas as pirates. However, in the mid-term the ship owners need to take measures to protect their assets. This can include armed guards on board, avoiding high risk areas, military escort, specialized crew training and security devices used to prevent pirates from boarding the vessel.

Q: - Why do you think that your system PSJ1004 has better chances of preventing pirates from boarding than other solutions available in the market?
A: - Well, PSJ is a passive defense mechanism. The system consists of a number of high pressure water jet guns mounted on the ship side. These machines utilize water from the fire main system pre installed on all vessels to create a high pressure water curtain along the entire periphery of the ship. The system can be started remotely from the safe areas inside accommodation or engine room and does not require the crew to man the machines. Therefore, the crew can secure themselves in a safe area while the high pressure water curtain prevents the pirates from boarding the vessel.

Q: - How is this system superior to using armed guards on board the vessel?
A: - First of all armed guards are a costly affair. The costs involved in transporting them on board are quite high. Besides that there is a danger especially for tankers to catch fire in case of an armed conflict with the pirates. Also, there can be loss of life due to such armed conflict. Therefore, IMO strongly recommends against carrying armed guards on board merchant vessels. This is where a system like PSJ1004 proves effective by avoiding armed conflict. Besides that PSJ1004 is based on proven tank cleaning technologies and these machines have no risk of causing a spark in a flammable atmosphere like the one on board tankers. Besides that the system acts as a visible deterrent for pirates who are more likely to move to soft targets without any protective measures in place.

Q: - There are few other similar products available in the market. What is it that differentiates PSJ1004 from them?
A: - The other products utilize copious amounts of water to run them. Therefore, in other systems all the machines cannot be operated simultaneously through the fire fighting system on board. While PSJ using its special nozzle design consumes 26 cubic meter per hour while maintaining complete effectiveness against any hostile boarding attempt. Besides that Tanktech has 330 projects experience of installing tank cleaning machines on board various tankers. The machine can be customized to the customer’s precise requirements. Besides that Insurance underwriters have agreed to give up to 20% discount on insurance premium if our machines are installed on board any vessel. These discounts will pay for the system over a period of 30 transits through the Gulf of Aden. Therefore, PSJ1004 is a cost effective, safe and reliable solution that has the trust and backing of Insurance underwriters to provide effective protective to the vessel.

Maritime Market :-We would like to thank you for the valuable information that you provided above and hope that this solution will help to make the seas safer for the seafarers who transport goods and transform lives of people around the world.

Tanktech is a world renowned company based in Busan, Korea Republic and manufactures a variety of shipboard equipments including High Velocity Pressure Vacuum Valve, Tank cleaning machines, UTI tapes, Hatch covers, Lashing Brige and Water-mist fire fighting system so on.

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Mr. Kwang-il Joo, President of Tanktech

Mr. Kwang-il Joo, President of Tanktech