Ships for alternative energy infrastructure feature HRP thrusters

Dutch company HRP - an acronym for Holland Rudder Propeller - has been involved with the green shipping trend since 2008. But even before that, the company's thrusters were often an essential component in diesel-electric propulsion installations, leading in certain cases to fewer emissions by using diesel engines closer to their sweet spot.

In the past few years, wind energy has gained a prominent place as a cost-effective alternative to the burning of fossil fuels. The evolution has however met stiff resistance from the population, as the structures with a rotor diameter up to 126 m have a strong impact on the landscape, create a new source of noise and cause moving shadows on the ground. The current growth in wind energy is therefore mostly realised in building large off-shore windparks. A start-up company which anticipated this trend is Seajacks. Established in 2006, the company had two self-propelled jack-up platforms built which are purpose-built for the installation of windmills off-shore.

The “Seajacks Kraken” and Leviathan feature a dynamic positioning system of class DP-2. The jack-up system is ideal for the installation of windmills, as the activity calls for a stable working platform. The windmills are usually installed in shallow water, making the use of a jacking system possible. This can be done in waterdepths up to 48 m.

Another alternative-energy ship project where HRP is involved is the Stemat Spirit. This ship is developed specifically to install power cables from offshore windparks to the shore. The ship disposes of five HRP thrusters: two retractable thrusters and one tunnel thruster in the bow, and two azimuthing thrusters in the stern. The ship has a DP-2 class notation, but does not have a diesel-electric propulsion system. Each of the five thrusters is driven directly by a local diesel engine in a Z-drive configuration.

The increase of transport on inland waterways, a necessity to reduce the traffic jams on Europe's motorways, leads to a growing interest in HRP's azimuthing thrusters with contra-rotating propellers and HRP's shallow draught thrusters. Both of these propulsion solutions are a way to create a lot of propulsion power in conditions with shallow draughts.

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«Seajacks Kraken» platform

«Seajacks Kraken» platform

Multi Thruster Control System

Multi Thruster Control System