HiMSEN propulsion engine

As one of the largest 2 and 4 stroke diesel engine manufacturers in the world, we at Engine & Machinery Division of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI-EMD) have developed our own-designed 4 stroke engines (named HiMSEN).

HiMSEN engine was developed by the HHI-EMD on the basis of its accumulated production record, experiences and know-how under license agreement with prominent engine makers from abroad for over 20 years. In March 2001, the two prototype engines, H21/32(800~1,800 kW) and H25/33(1,500~2,700 kW) were produced with self-developed design starting on the technical development in 1993 by Engine Research Dept. and Engine Development Dept. for the first time.

Upon receiving certificates from the seven major Classification Societies in 2002, these engines were commercially launched. At the initial stage of sales, the market was formed with the marine gen-sets ordered by shipyards that belonged to the HHI group, and was extended to propulsion and stationary engines from 2003.

The first HiMSEN propulsion engine was supplied to three sets of 500-ton fisheries guidance vessels ordered by Korean government starting with supplying 8H25/33P engine for propulsion use of controllable pitch propeller for 2-axis and shafting equipment in 2003, and a total of 18 sets of propulsion engines for nine fisheries guidance vessels have been delivered so far as of 2009.

Aside from increasing domestic order volume, continuing efforts since 2004 to secure foreign orders has resulted in two sets of HiMSEN 9H25/33P(2,700 kW) propulsion engines of controllable pitch propeller which were installed on two 5,000-ton tankers built by Turkish shipyards. The two engines have been keeping up its service reference equivalent to 30,000 hours to date. With the growing international acknowledgement of HiMSEN’s performance, some 50 sets of 9H25/33P engines have been delivered for 6,000-ton cargo ships and tankers in Vietnam, Turkey and China since 2006.

Spurred on by mass orders from European ship-owners, the HiMSEN brand successfully secured its place in the market since 2006, and 12 sets of 9H25/33P were delivered to Chinese shipyards, and three vessels are now in service. In addition, some of H25/33P propulsion engine for 15 vessels of 6,000-ton tankers were delivered to shipyards in China, and four vessels among them are in service.

The technical advantage which enabled HiMSEN propulsion engines to be mounted in small and medium-sized vessel include a relatively small number of engine parts and a unique engine design without piping systems. All of these technical traits resulted in low vibration, low noise, low SFOC and low NOx, which then helped HiMSEN emerge as a strong contender in the market.

In addition to the small and medium-sized vessels, HiMSEN engines entered yet another market in 2007- tug vessels for offshore. Again, HHI-EMD has made a splendid accomplishment of supplying shipyards in India with 22 sets of HiMSEN engines for 11 vessels of multi offshore tug. The engines were installed onto the first offshore tug built by Tebma in May 2009 and are now in service. The remaining vessels are still being built. To stress some of its key characteristics, the vessel passed all sorts of sea trials with satisfying ship oscillating operation (DNV-DP-2), proving its excellent performance capability.

Based on such production capacity of HiMSEN engines and development of HiMSEN H32/40P (5,000 kW) in 2007, HHI was able to secure a contract for 70 sets of HiMSEN 9H32/40P in the China region when the new demand arose for propulsion engine for 15,000-ton commercial ships since 2008. As of 2009, ten sets were completed and delivered to the shipyards. The first H32/40P engine was mounted to vessel built at shipyard in China, and the sea trial was completed on October 30, 2009. The vessel is waiting for delivery to the ship owner. The said engine was able to be mounted on 15,000-ton commercial ship because the various special features of this engine — the rapid maneuverability, the reduction of engine space, the availability of operation in or out of the ports — proved to overcome the weak points of 2-stroke engines.

Status of Hyundai HiMSEN Engine

Delivered and on order base
Number of Engines
Engine Output (kW)
Marine use
Power Station
Marine Use
Power Station
77 920
7 200
85 120
91 330
18 910
110 240
221 829
39 050
260 879
237 095
9 600
246 695
495 655
26 200
521 855
1 137 210
23 110
1 160 320
1 148
1 351
1 779 855
17 480
1 797 335
1 032
1 379
1 871 735
6 300
1 878 035
3 843
1 245
5 088
5 912 629
147 850
6 060 479

In summary, since HHI started HiMSEN engine business with the orders of 19 sets in 2001, the order intake of engine have increased year by year, 46 sets in 2002, 158 in 2003, 732 in 2006 and 2,081 in 2008 from the viewpoint of all HiMSEN engine models, viz. marine gen-sets, propulsion system and stationary purposes. As of October 31, 2009, HHI-EMD had received 5,088 total orders, which mean the growth rate from the year before. The reasons for this growth are attributed to the brand’s superb technical characteristics in fuel efficiency, easy maintenance and wide power range from 575 kW to 10,000 kW. HHI-EMD expects that the market for HiMSEN propulsion engine will grow even more with successful market penetration and repeat orders throughout the world.

Now, HHI-EMD is planning to introduce our HiMSEN engine to the Russian market and assist the Russian shipbuilding industries, as attractive and reasonable alternative of the currently used engines. Even at the moment of publishing this article, HHI’s relentless strive for innovation continues. HiMSEN propulsion engine for H32/40-V (6,000~10,000 kW) type, which was first developed in 2009, is making its way to the markets as a strong candidate for 20,000-ton commercial ship and passenger ship.

Finally, HHI-EMD completed the design on all of its HiMSEN engine types satisfying the IMO-NOx-Tier2 regulation (which will come into effect as of January 1, 2011) to prepare the delivery in 2011 of its new line of eco-friendly engines. In order to tide over the difficulties from the global financial crisis, HHI-EMD are ready to assist you by providing high quality engines at the best price and best delivery time.

HHI-EMD wants to support the shipbuilding industries in Russia in near future with the following sales philosophy.

  • HHI-EMD can give first priority to customers of large commercial vessels purchasing 2-stroke main engines, 4-stroke auxiliary generating sets, shaft & propeller sets, cargo oil pumps with turbine, side thrusters and submerged cargo oil pumps as a full package, which will be a much better purchase conditions in respect to delivery time and price competitiveness.
  • HHI-EMD’s Customers can secure high quality products with HHI’s best after-sales service through our worldwide A/S network.


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