VOSTA LMG adds MFD250 to its product portfolio

VOSTA LMG is proud to announce the addition of a Multi Functional Dredge (MFD) to its product range. This Multi Functional Dredge complements the product portfolio for small dredges. The MFD250 combines different technologies in one unit. The standard product is supplied with three different tools which can be connected to the boom. The MFD250 has an option for vegetation control in the form of a rake, a 400 l bucket for excavation and also has the option of using a small cutter with two underwater pumps for dredging sand and mud. This product is designed for a quick mobilization and is very user friendly.

The MFD250 is an amphibious tool. It is not only self propelled but by means of tilting spuds and using the floats installed in the front of the dredge, the unit is able to move itself over dry land, shallow water and swamp areas. The MFD can very easily be transported over road and loading and unloading can be done without crane assistance. The MFD250 can be operated by one person only. The cabin is air-conditioned and has an ergonomically designed seat for maximum comfort.

The standard version of the MFD250 is suited to perform a wide variety of jobs. With this product VOSTA LMG is entering a new market segment within the dredging industry.

One of the reasons that VOSTA LMG decided to enter the small dredges market, are the many requests from customers for shoreline and waterway reconstruction jobs.

Using the combination of bucket and cutter head, maintenance jobs can be done easily. The dredge is suitable for deepening jobs as well as reconstruction jobs.

The rake is used for removal of mixed soils, blended with vegetation. Maintenance of harbours and vegetation control can be done with the rake as well.

The MFD250 can also be used for flood protection or flood prevention.

With its new product VOSTA LMG offers a small dredge that can do all this for waterways, lakes, small rivers and small channels with shallow waters.

One of the additional options the MFD250 has, outside the basic model, is a pile drive unit which can be fitted on the boom and used for driving wooden piles or sheet piles into the ground.

Common tasks of the MFD250 are:

  • Vegetation control
  • Reconstruction of Shorelines
  • River, lakes and canals maintenance
  • Flood protection and control
  • Building marinas and quays
  • Lay and embedding of pipes and cables
  • Conservation of nature and wild life water reservation
  • Remaking and ecological cleaning of fish basins
  • Prevention and ecological breaking of ice bridges

The MFD250 is produced in Europe according ISO 9001 in compliance with 98/37/C.E. Potential markets for the MFD250 are all countries with inland waterways, canals and lakes. The normal delivery time for the dredge is 6 months.

The advantage of working with VOSTA LMG is that it has a worldwide service network. When one buys the new MFD250 a high quality after service is guaranteed albeit the MFD 250 is very service friendly and actually does not demand much maintenance.

Among others, Russia is also one of the most promising markets for the MFD250. Therefore it makes sense to introduce the MFD250 at the NEVA exhibition in St. Petersburg. Many potential customers from CIS, Eastern Europe and even parts of the Asian countries are expected to attend this exhibition.

VOSTA LMG will exhibit in Hall 7 and you can find us at booth number 720. Please come and visit VOSTA LMG and get more details about the new MFD250 t. Your contact partner at the exhibition will be Mr. Erhard Fritz, Sales Director CIS & Eastern Europe.


VOSTA LMG is a leading engineering and contracting company, serving the worldwide dredging industry. Apart from custom-built and standard dredges, the company also markets various dredge component packages and offers engineering and contracting services. VOSTA LMG has offices in The Netherlands, Germany, China, India, the USA and the United Arab Emirates.

Without an owned shipyard, VOSTA LMG is flexible in its approach; either in supplying a component package to a dredge contractor to project managing the process of building a dredge from start to finish in cooperation with a partner shipyard anywhere in the world. Besides engineering and contracting of custom-built and standard dredges, the product range includes cutting-, suction-, discharge-, automation- and coupling systems. Components such as cutter-heads, underwater cutting wheels, dredge-pumps, ball-joints and automation packages complete the product line.

Countless projects have been successfully finalized over the years and worldwide major customers form the reference list of the company. Engineering and components packages have been delivered to partner shipyards to service all major Dutch and Belgian dredging contractors and many customers in Europe, Asia, USA, Middle East and South America.

If you would like to receive more information please send an email to info@vostalmg.com or check the website www.vostalmg.com.


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