Fire protection panels FIPRO

FIPRO AG, with its headquarters in CH-6300 Zug, is a member of the Techno-Physik Group. It acts as the Group's marketing and sales organisation for "preventive fire protection - fireproof elements" in the building construction and shipbuilding industries.

It deals essentially with the development and production of high temperature resistant, non-combustible, thermally and acoustically effective insulation products for the electrical heating and gas heating industries, the aluminium industry and other branches as well.

The Techno-Physik Group is a member of the E.G.O. Group with a turnover of approx. EURO 780 million and about 8'350 employees worldwide.

FIPRO AG (stands for Fire Protection) is active worldwide as the marketing and sales company for the largest and most important producers of Vermiculite panel elements. Vermiculite products are used in industrial engineering, in structural and decorative building as well as in shipbuilding and the offshore industry.

FIPRO products have been tested and approved by about 25 different international testing institutes for their suitability and acceptability with respect to preventive fire protection, smoke and gas production as well as materials unobjectionable to the health. These products do not contain asbestos or fibrous materials. They are therefore of no concern to the health.

The product assortment is continuously adapted to the state-of-the-art of technology. FIPRO products have been in use very successfully for over 30 years. Thanks to continuous new developments and product innovations, they are expanding their positions as worldwide market leaders further.

FIPRO, the Fire Protection Panels Made of Vermiculite

The raw material for FIPRO panels consists of the mineral Vermiculite, a substance in a naturally-occurring system. It consists of hydrated magnesium mica. Large deposits of vermiculite ores are to be found in Brazil, North America, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, China and Russia.

Extremely thin platelets of this mineral contain crystalline water in microscopic detail. Vermiculite is expanded (exfoliated) in a pure thermal treatment through which the original volume of the materialis enlarged about 20 times.

Vermiculite is free of germs and contains no fibres whatsoever.It is of absolutely no concern with respect to the health. The extended use of this material is in landscaping (to make soil more porous) and as a feed additive (in animal foodstuffs and as a carrier for nutrients). Industrial medical examinations conducted with miners as well as processors of the material show that this material is not dangerous. Furthermore, Vermiculite is used increasingly in areas in which environmental protection and industrial health play important roles.

Exfoliated Vermiculite is mixed with non-combustible binding agents and pressed to form the FIPRO panels. Through the interlocking of the individual granulate platelets, FIPRO requires no fibre reinforcements, cement or plaster components. The dust produced during manufacturing is therefore very low and is also free of contaminants and quartz. The smoke and gases produced in a fire are unobjectionable.All of these outstanding characteristics are confirmed through examinations at such well-known institutions as Elektro-Physik Aachen GMBH in Germany and the Wood Research Institute in Vienna, Austria.

A further positive feature of FIPRO panels is their trouble-free disposal,without any environmental burdens whatsoever.

Areas of Application for FIPRO Panels

The FIPRO panels are used in all kinds of ships:
  • Luxury liners;
  • Hotel ships;
  • Megayachts;
  • Ferries;
  • Riverboats (Mississippi, Danube);
  • Freighters;
  • Container ships.

Tested designs of FIPRO panels are used in very different ways here and on Offshore platforms (drilling islands). The variety of possible finishes is especially impressive.

FIPRO products have been in use very successfully for decades for the furnishing of:
  • cabins, kitchens, public rooms;
  • for furniture manufacturing;
  • stairways.

FIPRO guarantees optimum fire protection and a practically unrestricted variety of designs everywhere.

Metal Profiles

All of our profiles comply with the conditions of the international marine safety authorities and can be manufactured in the following finishings:
  • Sendzimir galvanized;
  • Primer coat for painting;
  • Enamel in acc. RAL colour shades (up to 4000 mm length);
  • PVC-film coated sheet metal;
  • Nirosta - rough and brushed.

On request, all profiles can be delivered with fixed lengths or
predrilled. The spacing between the holes of predrilled profiles
amounts to 300 mm as a rule.

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