The first floating nuclear power plant is set in by OPK’s shipyards

On May, 18, 2009 on Baltiysky Zavod, a part of United Industrial Corporation (OPK) the floating nuclear power unit for FNPP was set in.

"The construction of the first in the world floating nuclear power plant is an important milestone in a global history", Alexander Gnusarev, Chairman of the Management Board, marked at the solemn ceremony. At present foreign partners are already interested in technologies of the construction of this project. OPK can carry out the orders for the construction of 8 FNPP by the date fixed.

"We can get out of the crisis just developing in such a way. St, Petersburg was always the "pioneer of the engineering industry development", Valentina Matvienko, St. Petersburg governor announced.

The floating power-generating unit is an atomic energetic object, being constructed at the plant and conveyed to the exploitation place. Finished energetic object are supplied to the customer after testing.

The contract, signed by OPK and "Concern Energoatom" PLC on February, 27, 2009, anticipates the construction, launching, rebuilding and testing. Exploitation of the head floating power-generating unit with KLT-40C type reactor is a final step of this project. According to the contract, the construction of the floating power-generating unit has started since 27th of February, 2009. by the II quarter of 2012 it is due to be completed. In the IV quarter of 2012 after testing it will be operated at the scene of projecting.

Floating nuclear power plants will be much in demand in regions, having a lack of energy, and also in regions without developing energetic system. A necessary term to obtain such a particular station by the foreign customers is the construction of active sample in Russia.


The floating power-generating plant consists of smoothly-topside non-self-propelled ship with two reactors KLT-40C. This vessel is 144 m in length and 30 m in width and displacement of 21,5 thousand tones. Regulation capacity of each reactor is 35 MW, thermal power is 140 Gcal.

Potential period of validity of this station is about 38 years: 3 cycles in 12 years (after each cycle it's planned to carry out repair). According to the project it's too much profitable to build and use floating nuclear power station for the remotes territories, where it's not advantageous to lay transmission facilities and to supply organic fuel. Floating nuclear power station can be used for the desalination of sea water of 240 m? output a day. Componentry for reactor units are produced by OKBM named after I.I. Afrikantov (Nizhny Novgorod). OJSC "Kaluga tribune plant" is supplying steam-tribune units. Technical project of the floating nuclear power station is performed by "CDB Aisberg" (St. Petersburg), a part of United Industrial Corporation (OPK). The general designer of the floating nuclear power station is CJSC "Atomenergo" (St. Petersburg).

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