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  • Economics of icebreakers
  • The Day of the Shipbuilder was established in Russia
  • FFS Group
    Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) is a group of companies that deliver complete systems for marine external (off-ship) fire-fighting. The product range comprise in-house production of pumps and monitors (water and foam cannons) with control system, pump drivers, foam mixers, deluge, valves and all auxiliaries including training and commissioning for a complete system.
  • TRITMENT. A quarter of a century in the market of ship fittings
    Today, many are convinced that it is not possible to run a small or medium-sized business in Russia and believe that this segment is being intentionally oppressed and discouraged. TRITMENT, ship fittings manufacturer with 25-years experience, is a perfect example to demonstrate that small and medium business in Russia is possible. We talk to Konstantin Shumilin, chairman of the board of directors of TRITMENT Group.
  • How the HamiltonJet waterjet propulsion system is arranged
  • The actual disposal of mixed vessels and the prognosis of ship utilization before 2025
  • Start of MT-Azcue marine pumps production in Russia
  • Event report the Eighth International Maritime Defence Show IMDS-2017
    The eighth International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS -2017) finished its work successfully. The Show is one of the world leading exhibitions in the field of shipbuilding and naval armament.


  • Gazpromneft Ocean – discover the new Ocean
  • Optimal solutions for arctic transportation needs
    Developing transportation systems can sometimes last as long as 20 years. Aker Arctic (Aker Arctic Technology Inc.) follows and supports its customer projects from the early stages until the operation is running.


  • Swedegas invests in LNG infrastructure at the Port of Gothenburg
    Swedegas is investing in a new LNG infrastructure at the Port of Gothenburg, primarily to meet the need in the shipping industry for a more environmentally friendly fuel.
  • Impressive columns for Siberian polyolephin complex
    A set of giant columns is lying in the Zuidnatie terminal in the port of Antwerp, ready for shipping to Tobolsk, Western Siberia. These are parts for anethylene plant of polyolephin complex Zapsibneftekhim being built by Sibur, the largest petrochemical company in Russia. Thanks to good collaboration, planning, infrastructure and know-how the impressive plant components will reach their destination in farthest Siberia in good time.
  • Port news

Ocean and shelf exploration

  • Gas and Sun among leading sources in the structure of the world’s future fuel and energy balance
    Despite slightly dropping in popularity in the next 50 and 90 years, gas will dominate among traditional energy sources, comprising approximately 24% and 21% of total energy balance, respectively. Solar energy will prevail over other clean sources, comprising over a quarter of the total energy balance by the beginning of next century, experts believe.
  • Oblique icebreaker Baltika breaks ice in the Arctic
    The oblique icebreaker Baltika is serving as a standby vessel at the Arctic Gates oil terminal in the Gulf of Ob. In May 2017, Gazprom Neft’s Novoportovskoye field reached a significant milestone when the total cumulative oil shipped from the terminal onboard icebreaking shuttle tankers exceeded five million tonnes. Aker Arctic had a significant role in the development of this year-round transportation system.
  • Rosneft discovers hydrocarbon deposits on Eastern Arctic shelf
    Rosneft is performing the drilling of the northernmost exploratory well on the Eastern Arctic shelf following a comprehensive geological study. During the drilling of the Tsentralno-Olginskaya-1 well from the shore of the Khara-Tumus Peninsula on the shelf of the Khatanga Bay of the Laptev Sea, three core samples were taken from depths of 2305 to 2363 m, which showed high oil saturation dominated with light oily fractions. On the basis of primary studies already, it can be concluded that a new oil field has been discovered, the volume of the resource potential of which is increasing as the drilling continues. Core sampling continues at the moment.

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