Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM burner boosts boiler uptime and reduces maintenance costs

Want a smart alternative to traditional mono-block burners that’s easy to install, easy to operate and low on maintenance? Stop searching. The Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM burner, a pressure-atomizing burner for distillate and residual marine fuels, provides ship owners, operators and yards with a good solution for Alfa Laval Aalborg OS-TCi and OC-TCi boilers. Compact and user-friendly, this cutting-edge burner boosts boiler uptime and saves on maintenance.

Intelligent burner design

What’s faster and easier to install, operate and maintain than traditional mono-block burners? Alfa Laval’s lightweight, user-friendly Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM burner for Alfa Laval Aalborg OS-TCi and OC-TCi boilers. Compatible for operation with a wide range of marine fuel oils, the Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM burner is engineered for use with marine distillate fuels and marine residual fuels, including RMA, RMB, RMD, RME, RMG, DMA and DMB.

Behind the innovative features of the Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM was the drive to maintain uniform air-fuel ratios for stable and efficient combustion.

“During the design process, we came up with solutions to improve the airflow across the firing range and optimized the use of components,” says René Fich Jespersen, Alfa Laval’s General Manager for marine boilers and exhaust gas economizers, burners and control systems. “Our focus on carefully regulating the air-fuel ratios helped achieve uniformly high combustion quality,” he continues. “We also were able to reduce the number of necessary spare parts, and fewer replacement components makes maintenance easier and less expensive.”

Versatile and thoughtfully designed, it features state-of-the-art technology that optimizes combustion efficiency, increases boiler uptime and reduces maintenance, making it one of the go-to choices in 2013 for fuel efficiency and economy.

Improved airflow control

Maintaining the right air-fuel ratio is critical to peak combustion efficiency. A unique feature of the KBM burner is the air damper designed as a rotary slide plate valve. This reduces draft-induced temperature loss in the boiler between firings and provides highly accurate control of the air-fuel ratio at all load points compared to standard butterfly valves.

Speedy installation

The Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM burner has other advantages beyond high combustion efficiency. Thanks to its modular, easy-toinstall design with few components, the Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM burner cuts installation time and costs. The unit consists of four individual modules: the forced draft fan module, burner module, oil cabinet module and frame module. The oil cabinet module, for instance, comes with an integrated junction box, making onboard installation easier for the yards. In addition, all modules are pre-assembled into a single unit prior to delivery, simplifying installation even more.

Lifting the unit onboard and mounting it to the boiler is all that is required of the yard. Even the quick-closing valves are pre-mounted. Plus pre-assembly comes with the added bonus of knowing that all components work seamlessly together.

Smooth operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance are just as easy as installation. The straightforward, modular design of the Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM burner means that there are fewer parts, which translates into a streamlined spare parts inventory and freed-up capital for investment in other vital areas.

All four modules are designed to ensure convenient access to components that may require adjustment or maintenance. All combustion components, including the oilatomizing nozzle, airflow swirler and ignition unit, for instance, are assembled in a single easy-to-access retractable unit called the end cap assembly. This provides easy access to burner module components that may require maintenance.

Accessing the boiler furnace chamber for maintenance and inspection is also easy, thanks to the smart burner front plate design that enables hinged opening of the plate without demounting the wind box.

“Easy access means that it takes less time to dismantle components when required,” Jespersen goes on to explain. “It also equates to quicker maintenance, less downtime and a better work environment for the crew.”

The new features on the Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM optimize combustion efficiency, increase boiler uptime and reduce maintenance costs. Ease of installation and its lightweight are added advantages. In a word, these all-around enhancements make the Alfa Laval Aalborg KBM a burner that deserves consideration by ship owners, operators and yards alike.

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